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Pat's Review: Deadly Intent

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Deadly Intent by Pamela Clare
Publisher: Pamela Clare (February 19, 2018)
Series: I-Team, 8
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Secrets buried in the sand…

Former US Army Captain Mia Starr has built a new life for herself in Denver, far away from camel spiders and sand—and the terrible secrets of her first deployment to Iraq. She isn’t looking for a relationship, especially not with an intrusive photojournalist. Joaquin Ramirez might be sexy, but in her experience, photojournalists only want to make a buck off other people’s suffering. Still, the universe must have a sick sense of humor because it keeps throwing her together with Joaquin, making the desire she feels for him harder and harder to resist.

An undeniable attraction…

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning news photographer, Joaquin has everything a single straight guy could want—except the right woman. When he meets Mia while shooting a crime scene, he immediately sees beyond her cold exterior to the vulnerable woman beneath. Though the police consider her a suspect, he’s sure she’s innocent. Someone is killing soldiers—and trying to pin the blame on her. Unable to resist the pull between them, Joaquin stands by her only to find himself snared in the killer’s net as well.

A twisted soul hungry for revenge…

Mia can’t help it when the heat between her and Joaquin melts away her preconceptions. As their passion explodes, danger draws ever closer. When it becomes clear that Mia is the killer’s true target, she must trust Joaquin with a secret that could ruin her … or risk losing the love of a lifetime.

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Pat's Review:

My favorite romantic suspense author has finally written a new I-Team novel. If you haven’t read this series, you're missing a lot of sexy romance, danger, laughter, and tears. Once I began this novel, I couldn’t put it down!

Joachim Ramirez is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist for the I-Team. He is still trying to rid his mind of the memories and fear of a terrorist attack over a month ago where he was present at the newspaper’s Christmas party. He has since started carrying a gun and shooting with Julian Darcangelo and Marc Hunter at the police shooting range. Recently on the job, at a crime scene, (they have blood but no body though), he meets a woman who is friends with the possible victim. Unfortunately she hates photojournalists, and is quick to let him know. Not long after, he is celebrating with family the return of his cousin Elena from Iraq, and the beautiful woman arrives. Turns out Mia Starr was Elena’s commanding officer the first year she was deployed, and the family welcomes her with open arms. Joachim would love to have her in his arms.

Mia doesn’t like discussing her time deployed, and she has since resigned her commission. She now has her dream job working at a landscaping business. Mia tries to keep in touch with some of her soldiers, while avoiding her CO who had harassed her constantly. Andy Meyer is the friend with disabilities she tries to keep track of, he is the missing, feared dead person whose home is where she met Joachim. They keep being thrown together, much to Joachim’s pleasure, and Mia’s slowly growing attraction. But suddenly Mia is suspected in Andy’s disappearance/death and her world starts crumbling. Not soon after there are more dead bodies, and she becomes both a target and a victim. He refuses to leave her side, and is now her protector. But danger is creeping closer. To get out of sight they end up at Cimarron Ranch, where they feel safe surrounded by friends. Their attraction heats up and there is no denying their love. But there is more danger coming for them.

The cameo appearances of so many I-Team favorites and being able to catch up with their lives made this story even more enjoyable. If you haven’t started the I-Team series, get ready for the ride of your life!


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