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Pat's Review: Until We Fall

Until We Fall by Jessica Scott
Publisher: Jessica Scott (April 24, 2018)
Series: Falling, 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Dual 1st POV

The darkness never forgets…
Caleb Gregory has spent ten years hiding in the dark, refusing to speak about the night his young life was destroyed. In his anger and his rage, he drank and fought until he drove everyone away until he had no one left.

The light casts a long shadow…

Nalini King has devoted her post army life to her passion: using yoga to heal her fellow soldiers. In doing so, she’s worked to forget the night her life burned down around her.

An unexpected storm…
When a storm forces them into the darkness together, these two wounded souls must face the demons of their past.

Because it is only in the darkest night that we can truly see the light. 

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Pat's Review:

Some combat vets return home battle weary, with nightmares and terrible memories. Their families welcome them with open arms, and their friends are right there to stand beside them. But others aren’t that lucky. They don’t have families, all they have is pain, debilitating depression, alcohol and/or drugs.

Until We Fall is the fifth book in the series, and a compelling novel of two broken people, both West Point grads and wounded vets. Caleb Gregory chooses alcoholism and all the nightmares it entails. Nalini King chooses her heritage and the powerful force of Yoga in her life. A chance meeting during a storm blends their lives and salvation together. In the darkness of a basement, with a single candle, the storm raging around them, they talk. Both telling things about themselves they haven’t shared with many. Caleb and Nalini form a bond, war survivors fighting their own demons and a strange comfort they feel with each other. Can this bond survive the outside world after the storm? Caleb has been sober for two months, Nalini has to keep her Yoga studio successful. It’s important for her team, her students and mostly for her.

Ms. Scott writes honest, heart stirring military romance. She has been there herself, and knows the highs and lows. I have read every book she has written and her first, Because if You, is at the top of my list of favorite books. I’m always looking forward to the next story.


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Source: eARC from the author; later bought a copy.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I keep saying I need to catch up on Scott's books . . . but it's true! Definitely recommend her as well, dear readers. I've yet to be disappointed by any of hers.


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