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Pat's Review: All Night With a Cowboy

All Night With a Cowboy by Soraya Lane
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (May 29, 2018)
Series: River Ranch, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance


At the Ford family ranch, getting thrown from a horseis a part of growing up. But one cowboy is still learning the ropes when itcomes to falling in love.

Tanner Ford has been riding bulls and busting broncos his entire life. So when he takes a hard spill—and sustains serious injuries—he refuses to believe his rodeo days are behind him. He’s determined to restore his body and revive his career. There’s just one problem: the finest physical therapist in town just happens to be the only woman he’s ever loved.

Lauren Lewis knows she made a huge mistake when she walked away from Tanner. But she was young, ambitious, and focused on her medical career. Now, after all these years, Tanner’s back—and, in spite of his injuries, looking better than she allows herself to admit. She agrees to work on Tanner’s big bruised muscles until he’s back in bull-riding shape again. But how can Lauren resist the smoldering attraction between her and her old flame. . .and find a way to live without him?

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Pat's Review:

Tanner Ford is a championship bull rider who took one chance too many and ended up with what could be career ending injuries. He’s finally out of the hospital and home with his family to recover, angry and worried about his life. He had to get back to riding....he couldn’t end his career this way.

Lauren Lewis is a well know physical therapist and has an excellent reputation. She’s headed for a long vacation in Fiji to rest and rejuvenate. When Mia Ford contacts her begging to help Tanner recover she is very conflicted. Twelve years ago in high school they were in a serious relationship, but her parents were not happy and gave her an ultimatum. It broke her heart, but she had to leave Tanner behind. She reluctantly agrees to help Tanner, but he must go to Fiji to join her. Tanner is livid when he finds out, but realizes she might be his only chance of rehabbing enough to ride. He is bitter and unforgiving with her until she finally has the chance to explain what happened so many years ago. Their time in Fiji is romantic and almost a fantasy. But bad weather and reality are coming fast.

I enjoyed this book, but took me quite a while to warm up to Tanner. A grown man who can’t get over a broken heart from his high school years just seemed a little pathetic. I enjoy this author’s writing, and will certainly read her work again, but this novel just didn’t pull me in.

3 1/2 STARS! 

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