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Pat's Review: Queen of Diamonds

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Queen of Diamonds by Sandra Owens
Publisher: Sandra Owens (June 5, 2018)
Series: Aces and Eights, 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Looking for a family she never knew… She finds a love she never expected.

For Kinsey Landon, learning that she has three brothers was the shock of a lifetime. Finding out her brothers are the owners of the biker bar took shock to a whole new level. She goes to Aces and Eights, and deciding against introductions, Kinsey leaves—but not before locking eyes with a man so sexy he could make a saint want to sin. When he shows up at Kinsey’s job and invites her to lunch, she sees it as an opportunity to learn about her brothers, not to mention spending time with a handsome man. But there’s more than good looks to Rand. A sadness so deep, she’s not sure anything can heal him. Not even love.

FBI agent Rand Stevens is outside his comfort zone. Undercover as a hard-living biker who co-owns the bar is testing his acting skills. But pretending he’s not attracted to the Gentry brothers’ kid sister will earn him an Academy Award…if he could ignore the attraction. The heat between Rand and Kinsey is explosive but Rand doesn’t want a relationship. The breakup of his marriage hurt, but the death of his little girl left him broken, and he won’t risk heartbreak again. Even though Kinsey makes him feel alive again, he ignores his feelings for her…until the unthinkable happens. Now Rand only has one chance to save Kinsey…before it’s too late

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Pat's Review:

I really enjoyed this story of siblings reuniting. There's lots of family, romance, and suspense all wrapped into one novel.

Kinsey Landon was a buyer for Summer Fashions, a job she loved, but the owner’s son was beginning to get on her nerves. He was always in her space and dropping sexual innuendos .
She was raised by a single mom, got a degree from the university, and was devastated when her Mom died. After reading a letter her mom left her, she found out she had three brothers who owned a biker bar in Miami. Now she had to make up her mind whether to find them or not.

Rand Stevens and his partner Josh are both undercover FBI who took over Aces and Eights when the Gentry brothers moved on to the Miami field office. He was trying to get past the devastation of losing his three year old daughter, and eventually his marriage. He liked undercover work, but biker bars were just not his thing. After a brief encounter with a beautiful woman asking about the Gentrys, he became very suspicious. He knew there was no sister in their life. After another conversation with the brothers, he finds out they do have a sister and they’ve been searching for her. He was fighting his attraction for her, but set up the time and place they could meet. She was immediately greeted with love and family, including nieces and nephews. Having a family was her ultimate dream. But now she also wanted Rand. Could she hope for another miracle?

Despite her brothers' unhappiness with Rand, a series of dangerous incidents in Kinsey’s life, and the reveal of secrets they both have, this was a very romantic story. I have enjoyed every book in this series, and this book could be read as a standalone, but every one of the the Aces and Eights books are exciting and romantic so I recommend reading them all!


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