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Pat's Review: All Autumn

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All Autumn by Sandra Owens
Publisher: Sandra Owens (June 29th, 2018)
Series: Blue Ridge Valley, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Autumn Stratton has it all. Or so she thinks until she catches her two-timing husband with his pants around his ankles. There is much Autumn can forgive but infidelity isn’t one of them. Since she obviously can’t trust her judgment in men, she decides they are only good for one thing…

Connor Hunter has been friends with Autumn since the first grade, and she’s like a sister to him. That changes the day she accidentally flashes him. After viewing something he shouldn’t have, Connor is seeing his friend in a whole new light. When she says all she wants now from a man is a fling, Connor is all in. Having watched his twin brother fall apart because of a woman, Connor has no intention of giving any female the power to hurt him that way.

Autumn and Connor agree that friends with benefits is the perfect solution for both of them. They are friends and will never hurt each other. That’s the plan, anyway. But as happens, the best-laid plans often go awry. And when they do, the quirky residents of Blue Ridge Valley decide to take matters into their own hands, all in the name of love. 

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Pat's Review:

Once upon a time, their was a little mountain town where four little girls grew up into young women and remained best friends. One, Nicole, heartbreakingly passed away, leaving her twin Jenn, trying to make the promises they had made to each other come true. She met a wonderful man who became the town's chief of police and she was very happy. The second woman was Autumn.she was madly in love with her prince of a husband of four months and planned to surprise him in a rain coat and nothing else for his birthday. Well that surprise went up in flames as did her marriage. But a good friend Connor rescued her in a lot of ways, and decided he wanted to be more than friends, but she needed to be free from Brian.

One year later and he was at her door. They had lots of adventures together, some good, some not, but Autumn and her faithful dog Beauregard (Beau) fell madly in love with him. Neither Connor nor Autumn wanted to call it that but it was a fact. Suddenly a handsome Senator arrived and it added a little wrinkle in their love story. But, true romance always has its HEA. Next up will be Savannah. This best friend is a very well known model, and used to be in love with Connor’s twin Adam. But she went off to the big city to find fame and fortune. Autumn and Jenn know something is wrong, Savannah is very secretive and unhappy, and best friends don’t let best friends be unhappy! The next part of this very enjoyable romantic “fairytale” cannot be released too soon!

I found this book charming, very entertaining and funny. Best recommendation I can give!


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