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Pat's Review: Just Jenny

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Just Jenny by Sandra Owens
Publisher: Sandra Owens (June 26, 2018)
Series: Blue Ridge Valley, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The small mountain town of Blue Ridge Valley is the home of three best friends, Jenny, Autumn, and Savannah. Each woman believes she has her life perfectly planned,  but there is a saying in the mountains… If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane.

In Just Jenny, Jenny Nance has a plan—save enough money to tour the world. The desire to traipse the globe is a dream she once shared with her twin sister. Jenny made a deathbed promise to her sister that she would go to all the places they had fantasized visiting together. Nothing will entice her to break her vow to Natalie, not even the sexy new Blue Ridge Valley police chief . . . No matter how attracted she is to him.

Dylan Conrad left the Chicago Police Department to accept the position as Chief of Police in Blue Ridge Valley. Burned out and haunted by a tragedy of his own, he needs to get away from the memories tormenting him. He’s hoping to find peace in the small mountain town, but the quirky residents, an infamous moonshiner, an errant prized bull, and a feisty redhead by the name of Jenny weren’t quite what he had in mind.

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Pat's Review:

This contemporary romance was a delicious read, with strong female characters and the fun and craziness of small towns.

Jenny Nance is working on a promise she made to her twin sister who died from Leukemia. Their goal was to travel the world together; now Jenny’s plan is to do it alone. She works as a bartender in an upscale restaurant called Vincennes, the place to go in Blue Ridge Valley. She almost has enough money to start her travels, but her life is in a bit of upheaval at the moment. A relationship with a local guy, Chad, which had started out as casual, gradually turned into jealousy, stalking and annoyance. At one confrontation with Chad at the bar, a new, --very hot -- man is a witness. Equal amount embarrassment and attraction hit her.

Dylan Conrad, former Chicago cop has moved to Blue Ridge Valley as Chief of Police. Too many bad memories in Chicago convinced him he needed a new start. After an unplanned stop at the office, he learns he has a lot of work to do with this sad excuse of a police department. His first call with one of his officers is to Jenny’s residence for a domestic disturbance. Chad is again causing problems. Threatening arrest Chad moves on for the moment, but Jenny knows it’s not over. An easy friendship begins for Dylan and Jenny based on the fact they have the same exact Mustang “muscle cars.” As they become closer they both agree that neither of them are ready for commitment. Jenny will be traveling and Dylan has no intention of opening his heart. But sometimes best laid plans just don’t work . . .


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