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Pat's Review: Rescued

Rescued by Stacy Eaton
Publisher: Nitewolf Novels (January 16, 2019)
Series: Heal Me, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Dual 1st POV

As a favor to her brother, Marisha Wheatcraft joins Tucker and Josey at a Montana ski resort for their honeymoon. Since Tucker can no longer ski, Marisha is happy to be Josey’s partner on the slopes.

Jake Sweeney is a little bitter from being left at the altar and having to care for his father who has always told him he’s worthless. When he runs into Marisha and Tucker, long-lost friends from his teen years in Texas, he’s thrilled to see them at the resort where he works, especially Marisha who has grown into a beautiful and sassy woman.

Marisha feels as if her childhood dreams are finally coming true, but Jake sees her as a wealthy and professional woman who could do much better than him. While a one-night stand brings them closer, words spoken in public will tear them apart.

When an avalanche hits the slopes, lives are on the line, and all hope of love could be lost for them both if they are not rescued.

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Pat's Review:

This book can be read as a stand alone, but reading the previous book will enhance your understanding of some of the characters.

Marisha Wheatcraft is on her brother Tucker’s honeymoon! Crazy as it sounds it makes sense. Josey, her sister-in-law, loves to ski, and due to severe injuries Tucker suffered while working as a policeman, he has limited mobility. Solution: Marisha skis with Josey. While checking in, she is annoyed by a man flirting with the desk clerk. Turns out, this annoying man is Tucker’s best friend from childhood, and her secret crush! Jake Sweeney is a para medic working for the resorts ski patrol. He loves his job and the area and would just like the promotion he feels he is due. He is known for his boundless flirting. They plan a dinner together and the sparks fly.

Jake and Marisha are very attracted to each other, and when things are good, they are very good. But tempers flare frequently, and they don’t seem to know how to talk to each other to straighten things out. It takes a near tragedy for them to realize what they truly feel for each other.

The characters are great, but I found myself getting pretty annoyed with Jake! A bit arrogant, self-centered, but down deep a good man. Marisha just has to be patient and dig a little.


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