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Sarah's Review: "Just for Him: The Complete Series"

Just for Him: The Complete Series by Talia Hibbert
Publisher: Nixon House (October 31, 2018)
Series: Just for Him, 1-3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The boss. The ex-con. The sports star. 

Three wealthy heroes face the defiant heroines who’ll bring them to their knees.

When a harsh CEO meets a passionate career woman, he mixes business with pleasure for the first time... and is rejected for the first time, too.

It's hate at first sight between a misunderstood ex-con and a strong-willed ballerina... until blackmail forces her to seduce her worst enemy.

A reckless sports star finds the woman he wants above all others... but the most she'll agree to is being his fake girlfriend.

Enjoy three steamy and suspenseful stories set against the grit and glamour of the United Kingdom. This boxed set includes Bad for the Boss, Undone by the Ex-Con, and Sweet on the Greek. Read all 180k words of intense, diverse romance at the lowest possible price… 

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Sarah's Review:

Last week, I surprised myself with a forgotten treasure. I had gotten Talia Hibbert’s Just for Him boxed set a while ago and in true TBR fashion it had gotten pushed down the list of things to read. But on the upside, it was a nice surprise to read over the lazy July 4th holiday weekend!

The Just for Him collection is three books by one of my current favorite authors. Hibbert’s voice and imagination create fun worlds that you can just dive into. Plus, having a set of books with intertwining characters is one of my favorite things about romance series. I love it when a minor character in one book gets fleshed out in another and then show back up in their friend’s story. This set includes:

Bad for the Boss: Jennifer Johnson and Theo Chamberlain start an office romance with an explosive twist!

Undone by the Ex Con: Lizzie Olusegun-Keynes and Issac Montgomery come from two different worlds- ballet and prison.  When their paths cross, there is instant chemistry, but who will get burned in the end?!

Sweet on the Greek: (this one was my personal favorite story) Arian Granger kisses a stranger, Nikolas Christou, to save him from another woman (he has trouble telling women...well anyone  He wants her to be his fake girlfriend for an upcoming trip, but they both catch feelings.

Like Hibbert’s other books, these are funny, complex, and reflect the world we live in (all of our heroines are women of color and each relationship is an interracial one). She uses issues of race, chronic and mental illnesses, class, and more to create characters who feel real. I want to be friends with her characters as much as I want to read their stories. We see them at home, at work, in therapy, being real about drug use, and learning and growing in all the situations she puts them in! I also appreciate the content warning that she uses at the beginning of each book. While as an author she is deft at handling delicate situations, readers deserve to know what they are in for before they encounter it on the page. I particularly like the one that she used for Sweet on the Greek: “biphobia (challenged on the page).” In one line, I am able to trust that she is really thinking about her reader.

Her sex scenes are HOT and her heroine’s pleasure is put front and center. In Undone by the Ex Con Lizzie encounters Issac in the sauna. Seeing him in nothing but a towel has her turn on her heel to leave, but his hand sneaks out to grab her wrist. And we see the benefits of being a flexible ballerina!  In Sweet on the Greek, Aria and Nik dance around each other, wondering is this for real or not. The tension swells to a shower scene that is hot enough to scald! However, it’s not just the action that is hot, Hibbert shows that consent and boundaries make the sex hotter rather than limiting it. Aria consents to let him watch her in the shower, but not join her.

Nik would bitch and moan, but he wouldn’t follow her into the shower, not even playfully. When it came to her body, her emotions...her...he did exactly what she wanted and nothing more.

It is empowering to read a scene where a woman sets boundaries and those boundaries are respected. Even writing that, it seems that should be the baseline, but in romance, just like in our current social and political, lip service is given to consent and women are pushed and cajoled past their limits because the hero “knows” she is going to enjoy it in the end. (insert eyeroll emoji) It is radical and political to put women’s pleasure and consent ahead of men’s wants and Hibbert is at the top of her game here.

I give this series 5 stars and am on the hunt for Lizzie Olusegun-Keynes brother, Olu Keynes, story. I just know it’s gonna be great!


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Thanks for the review, Sarah! 


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