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Melinda's Review: Every New Year

Every New Year by Katrina Jackson
Publisher: Katrina Jackson (December 31st, 2019)
Series: Love at Last, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F)

Dual 1st POV

When Ezra Posner was eighteen, he met Candace Garret and fell in love.

When Candace met Ezra, she instantly knew he was the boy for her.

In the middle of their first year at college, Candace and Ezra share a clumsy kiss that should have been the beginning of an epic love affair, but it's not. Instead, it begins a nearly two-decade journey of never quite getting the timing right for love. For almost every New Year's Eve after, Candace and Ezra stumble into one another's arms, but can’t manage to hold onto each other for more than a single night. They live with the expectant giddiness of being able to spend New Year's Eve with the person they love, always hoping that next year will be their year. Until eventually, their annual trysts ruin even the friendship that held them together.

As 2019 ends, Candace and Ezra are both running away from their broken hearts. They board a plane hoping to finally move on from their relationship, only to run right into each other's arms.

Every New Year is a friends-to-lovers romance that takes nearly twenty years to bloom. It's also the first in the Love At Last series, where happily ever afters might take some time to mature, but they're always worth the wait.

Content Warnings:
parental sickness (cancer, diabetes, hypertension)

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Melinda's Review:

How do I love Katrina Jackson, let me count the ways… I thought I loved her writing before, but I was wrong. Now I really, really love her writing. In the past Katrina has written these smoking hot polyamorous erotic books with intense emotional character development that quickly made her become an author for me to watch. Then she decided to show even more range by writing smoking hot romance with intense emotional arcs and I was completely sold. I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for sexy books with angst and she delivers it here in spades.

I was extremely excited for her New Year’s releases and this book stole my heart so much. Told in alternating POV and variable timelines, which sounds complicated but isn’t, I swear, we get exactly the right amounts of plot and character at exactly the right time. The whole time I was thinking how tf is Jackson managing that? This is a super difficult task to accomplish and takes a deft and alternating light hand at times.

Ezra and Candace could just not get their shit together. This novel is just so freaking angsty and I loved every second of it. They both love each other from afar and up close and everyone in their orbits knows this...except them. Because they are clueless as hell. And I love their dumbasses so much lolol.

We get to see these two from the beginning of their friendship and then onward for the next approximately twenty years in this really beautiful slow burn of a romance. Like suuuuuuper slow burn. Talk about a simmer! But I was here for it every step of the way. I was here for Candace on her travels as a flight attendant and Ezra as this literal billionaire do-gooder. I hate billionaires in real life and like 95% of the time in books anymore so of course Katrina Jackson had to sneak right in and be like nope! Gonna screw with your hang-ups!

Do not fear that there isn't still steamy sex scenes – there are! It’s still a Katrina Jackson book. It reminded me of the Alisha Rai book, Hate to Want You, where they meet to have sex every year. Because once a year, on New Year’s Eve, (hence the title) they bang it out. Maybe a little more steamy or romantic than that. But sometimes not lol.

I loved how Candace had a very realistic fear of not being good enough for Ezra because he’s so freaking smart. I related to this to my core and when she comes to the realization that this isn’t true - because duh, she’s wonderful - I got a little weepy. To be honest I was more than a little weepy at the last 10% of this book.

The side characters were everything. Ezra and Candace spend a good portion of their time with Mei and Miles in a friend group and Jackson does a brilliant job at portraying how they’re all intertwined together to the point that when Mei and Miles divorce it impacts them greatly. And when I read the epilogue that featured Mei and Miles? My eyes just about bugged out of my head, my excitement levels are through the roof!

Basically – if you haven’t read Katrina Jackson before? What are you waiting on? She has something for everyone. This one happened to hit all of my emotional beats I was looking for. *swoon*


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Thanks for the review, Melinda! I can't recommend Katrina Jackson enough, her books are amazing!


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