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Sarah's Review: Grand Theft N.Y.E.

Grand Theft N.Y.E. by Katrina Jackson
Publisher: Katrina Jackson (December 31st, 2019)
Series: Heist Holidays, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F)

Cleo Wright is just a happy scammer on a mission to rob a rich man before his ex-wife or the federal government seize all of his money and possessions. She's not expecting to meet another rich man who makes her want to use her nimble fingers for other, not thieving, things. But Robert Shimizu is just that man.

The two share a night of fast cars, expensive champagne and the best sex of her life. But Cleo is who she is and when Robert wakes up the next morning, she's long gone... with his car and a few other very expensive possessions.

It takes him months to track down the woman who stole his favorite watch and his heart, but when he does, there's fireworks.

Content Warnings:
Mentions of parental illness and death

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Sarah's Review:

For the past few years, I have tasked myself with reading 100 books a year. The number is round and arbitrary, but come the Christmas holidays it gives me an excuse to buckle down and read a few more books to reach the goal. This year, come New Year’s Eve I was at #99. One more book to read and an open day for me to indulge.

Based on a twitter recommendation, I had pre-ordered Katrina Jackson’s Grand Theft N.Y.E and it downloaded on my Kindle. This was the perfect way to end the year, reach my goal, and read a new-to-me author! I took my Kindle and started to run some errands. My plan was to do those errands, read at lunch, and finish the book before we left for the house party we had been invited to. Unexpectedly, I ran into my cousin at lunch. We had a lovely visit (and one of my ongoing resolutions is to be more present), so it was early afternoon before I was able to crack this book open.

I think that delay was a godsend. Before the end of the first chapter, I was half in love with the main character, Chloe Wright, and half wanted to be her. Chloe is a lifelong cat burglar who works with her sister to rob those who would otherwise overlook them. We meet her conning her way into the party, under the assumed name Jessica Hare, looking like the 2019 version of Jessica Rabbit- sex on heels! The men want her and the women want to be her!

With a successful heist under her belt, she meets Robert Shimizu as she waits for the valet, making the uncharacteristically selfish decision to take him up on a ride in his vintage Jaguar. What ensues is the best-written car sex scene I’ve ever read. (I was glad I was reading this at home rather in public but I’m no stranger to reading steamy scene unexpected places!) Mr. Shimizu seems to be just the man she needs to blow her mind for one night only! And Chloe seems to fit him in all the right ways, too! The sex doesn’t stop in the car and it is the best night of sex Chloe has ever had.

She wakes up the next morning, sweaty and wig askew without a way to make her getaway. Her sister and team are worried about her and she needs to disappear for a little while. In true cat burglar form, she takes his watch as a memento and the Jaguar as her getaway car. Here Jackson’s writing shines:

She pressed her left foot onto the clutch, moved the gear shift smoothly into second gear, and gunned the gas. She’d has much worse escapes from a job than driving off into the early morning sunshine in a vintage roadster, well-fucked and only a little bit remorseful.

Who wouldn’t want to be Chloe Wright in that moment?! I can feel the purr of the car and the heat of the rising sun. Clearly, Chloe and Robert need to be together, but how to find a woman whose name you don’t know and who doesn’t know you have the resources to track her down? Robert orchestrates an event that he knows will capture the attention of Chloe and her crew. He wants more than one night with her- he wants forever!

Grand Theft N.Y.E. was a fun, sexy heist story and a perfect way to round out my 100 books for 2019. The off the charts chemistry and the fast-paced story make this a quick read. I will read this again, am impatiently waiting for her sister’s book, and now have to read the rest of Katrina Jackson’s catalog!


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Thanks for the review, Sarah! Oh, you are in for such a treat! Katrina writes amazing, super sexy books. My favorite so far is definitely Private Eye (cam girl + spy!). I still need to catch up on her backlist as well; I've been keeping them as a "break-in-case-of-emergency read" because I don't want to run out!


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