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Sarah's Review: Prem Numbers

Prem Numbers by Suleikha Snyder
Publisher: Suleikha Snyder (December 3, 2019)
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F and M/M/F)

The cocky charmer at your local bar...the awe-inspiring U.S. Vice-President you'd lay down your life and your love for...the mysterious stranger who comes to your rescue one night...the beautiful woman you can't touch, because to do so might literally kill you...the smokin' hot roadhouse bartenders who take your troubles away, only to add new ones. These are the prem numbers. They almost always add up to passion.

In this collection, find previously published stories like "In Her Service" and "The Pick-Me-Up" as well as steamy new material like "She's So Lovely," a small-town ménage set in the same world as Tikka Chance on Me.

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Sarah's Review:

I loved this story collection! The stories are easily consumable, delicious in their own right, and when taken as a whole this collection is divine. 5 stars- will read again and again!

This set of stories is fun, romantic, naughty, and amazing. Snyder’s imagination is on full display and ranges from fun and flirty to downright filthy. I loved every minute of it. Her characters are vulnerable, hopeful, and real. They have chance encounters, deal with the hand they’ve been dealt in life, and take risks to find love that leaves them open and wanting.

Instead of trying to summarize each story, as they are a delight to savor on their own, I am going to snapshot two. This will give you a chance to peek into this collection while leaving the best parts for you to find.

The book opens with “In Her Service”. This story gives us a glimpse of a better world where women hold our Presidential and Vice-Presidential roles. (In this era of social distancing and self-quarantining, wouldn’t it be nice to have leaders who show an ounce of leadership, compassion, and resolve?!) Letty is our VP and her bodyguard, Shahzad Khan, try their best not to fall in love, but his adoration of her grounds him and centers her. He aims to serve her as a public servant and in the bedroom his service is “his calling.” He cares for her, protects her, loves her and fucks her. It is amazing! Letty calls this out saying:

“You stare at me like you are making love. You know that, right?” 
“Because I am making love to you,” he confesses without hesitation. “With every look. Every breath. Every cell in my body.”

I think I fell a little in love with Agent Khan as well!

Then there is “She’s so Lovely” which is set in the same universe as Tikka a Chance on Me (Sidenote, if you have not read “Tikka” add that to your list right now). Lovely is not so lucky in love, but has a great bar, run by Elliot and Johnny, to drink away her frustrations. She thinks Johnny is not into her at all, but a hot encounter with both men in the bar bathroom changes everything. They are together AND into her, but Elliot is not sure of his powerful feelings for both Lovely and Johnny. It’s messy.

And then there is a reconciliation scene that is HOT and messy:

Johnny says, “I like it messy. Bet Lovely here likes it messy, too. We wouldn't all be up here if we liked it neat.” 
(Lovely agrees) “The only thing I like neat is my whiskey.”

At this point I am a little in love with Lovely, Johnny, and Elliot.

That’s what Snyder does best is make you fall in love with her worlds and her characters. I look forward to more!


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Thanks for the review, Sarah! Snyder is such an amazing writer, definitely need to pick this collection up for the stories I haven't previously read. :)


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