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Sarah's Review: Pregnant by the Playboy

Pregnant by the Playboy by Jackie Lau
Publisher: Jackie Lau Books (May 26, 2020)
Series: Fong Brothers, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance (M/F)
Dual 1st POV

I’ve got a pretty great life, if I do say so myself. I made a fortune when I sold my tech start-up, and I’ve spent the years since partying, drinking, and inviting a parade of women into my bed.

I should be happy, but I feel an annoying lack of fulfillment, and there’s no way I’m going back to the work I did before.

At a friend’s party, I meet Marissa. We have hot sex against the door and agree to spend the weekend together. Just one weekend. I never expect to see her again.

Except now she’s pregnant with my baby…and I think this is the solution to all my problems. This is what will bring meaning to my life. I’m going to be a devoted father and husband.

Marissa—whose last name I still don’t know—wants me to be involved, though she rejects my marriage proposal. But before the baby arrives, I’m going to prove to her that I can be something other than a playboy.

And the rare times I set my mind to something, I don’t fail…

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Sarah's Review:

The accidental pregnancy trope is one of my least favorite in the romance genre, well really in any genre. However, going into Pregnant by the Playboy I have read enough of Jackie Lau’s books to trust her. And she did it- she wrote a strong, heartfelt story that had an accidental pregnancy, but didn’t leave me frustrated with one (or both) of the people involved! As always, the worlds she creates are layered and imaginative, full of food and family. Just the kind of stories I want to read.

Vince Fong sold his company and is relishing his role as ne’er do well playboy, but he is thoughtful and sincere, even if his baby niece, Evie, is the only one who knows it. Marissa is a hardworking engineer who loves her job and wants a night of fun. It is with this opening that we see Marissa make her moves on Vince at a house party in some of Lau’s hottest writing to date. And I loved it. One night turned into a weekend of fun and indulgence with Vince and Marissa assuming that was all. As the book’s title says, despite condom use Vince got Marissa pregnant and they have to decide what they want to do. Frank conversations about abortion is another place that Lau writes masterfully. Marissa and Vince discuss their history of pregnancy. He doesn’t think he’s gotten anyone pregnant before and she’s ready for this pregnancy, but not ready to get married. Lau shows Vince really engaging and learning here:

“It’s her choice, of course, but I’ve already become attached to the idea [of having a kid]”

Marissa and Vince navigate this pregnancy with all the realities of life and being human thrown in. Vince is the kind of guy who, once he makes up his mind, he’s all in. And being a dad is a role he wants to have. He wants more with Marissa, but she is scared and unsure. She lost her father at an early age and that grief wears heavy on her expectations for herself. Lau turned a lot of what I don’t like about this trope on it’s head, not gender reversal per se, but an honest exploration of a relationship that he’s ready for and she is unsure about. Plus, she handles grief and mental health in a refreshingly open way in her writing. Lau’s characters are robust rather than flat caricatures of their circumstances. We know their trials, but we also know their favorite foods and how they get along with their grandparents. Vince’s Po-Po (grandmother) is a treat in this story!

Vince and Marissa adapt, learn, grow, and love each other throughout this story. He’s intense with some growing up to do. She needs to find her center and open up to possibilities. They don’t rush off to get married as soon as they learn about the pregnancy:

“It’s too much pressure. Being the center of Vince Fong’s universe.  Being responsible for your fulfillment. What person could deal with that? You don’t have to do anything special. You just have to be you. It still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t love you.”

That exchange seems harsh out of context, but it’s real.  Marissa wants more than Vince’s attention, she wants him to find his passions after selling off his company. She wants him to be happy with himself before they try to make a go at a relationship. As they both grow up and fall in love, the reader is rooting for them the whole time!


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