Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Full Moon" is a Perfect 10!

Synopis from B&

Together for the first time in one thrilling volume are Rebecca York's Killing Moon and Edge of the Moon, two of her highly acclaimed werewolf novels full of suspense, intrigue, and passionate hunger.

Killing Moon:A P.I. with a preternatural talent for tracking finds his prey: a beautiful genetic researcher who may be his only hope for a future.

Edge of the Moon:A police detective and a woman who files a missing persons report become the pawns of an unholy serial killer in a game of deadly attraction.

If you are looking for a hot, sexy read filled with paranoraml activity, mystery and suspense, and a good dose of heart-warming love, then look no farther than Rebecca York, author of the Moon Series. Printed as one book, Full Moon includes the first two books in the series, Killing Moon and Edge of the Moon.

With a storyline filled with werewolves, magic, mystery and action, and even a little bit of demon thrown in at the end, what more could you ask for in a romance novel? Usually, I don't read action/suspense filled books, whether they are romance or not, but York is able to weave them all together flawlessly, making you forget that you are reading a suspense filled novel.

The sex scenes are smoking hot, yet tender at the same time. The conversation is witty at times, and the characters are intriguing. The whole werewolf mating and then, in the second one, regular humans falling for each other while trying to solve a murder and stop an evil magician from controling a demon, only adds to the overall perfection of the storyline.

5/5 STARS! This book, this whole series, really, has a little bit of everything making it versitile for almost all genre lovers: it has love, sexy heros, wild passion, action, suspense...everything you could ever ask for all wrapped up perfectly in one book! A definite must read for any romance lover--I promise, you won't be able to put the book down and when you're through, you'll want to go out and grab the other books in her excellent series!



Tracy said...

Stephanie (Magic) sent me one of the books in this series but I've never read it. Bad Tracy, I know. I want to say it's Crimson Moon but I could be way off. Anyway, after seeing your review I may have to move it up in the tbr, or at least move it to the part of the shelf that I can actually see it! lol

The_Book_Queen said...

Yes, bad Tracy!

:) Oh, no worries, we (that is, her fans) can forgive you. If you promise to read them soon! They can be read out of order, which I did on a lot of them, but I would recommend that you try to keep them in order, simply because I believe that will make it that much more enjoyable!