Sunday, November 2, 2008

"In Her Bed"

Synopsis From B&
Damian St. Giles has woken up before with a sore head from imbibing too much mead, but finding himself naked and shackled to a bed is an entirely new experience. As if in a dream, a flame-haired enchantress appears and offers him a brew to ease his pain...and enflame his desire. He soon realizes this Highland beauty has given him a potent aphrodisiac and she is fully prepared to take all his body has to offer...
Lady Aithinne Ogilvie knows she must treat this man as nothing more than a stud, for that is what he is to her...a means to get her with child and thus produce an heir who will save her inheritance from ruthless Scottish warriors and greedy King Edward. Yet she cannot deny the instant bond she feels for this handsome stranger--and the feeling that it will be the prisoner in her bed who will end up laying claim to her heart.
This book is the sequel to A Restless Knight. The second book in the Dragons of Challon series.
Though the book was a bit slow moving at times and border-line boring at others, In Her Bed is still a pretty good read, all things considered. The story line was different, and if it had been tweaked a bit it could have been almost perfect.
MacGillivray writes a historical romance with touches of magic, more than a dab of humor, a touching love story, and even some pretty steamy love scenes. This alone would put it towards the top of my list, and when you add in the characters, which were both strong and fiery and caring and compassionate, in other words very dynamic and interesting, and you have a very good story!
Aithinne is a perfect example of a fierce Scottish miss, and she provided more than a few laughs and chuckles, whether she was yelling at her brothers or at Damien. I loved that she wasn't a weak, silly heroine who would let everyone just walk right over her. She knew what she wanted, what she believed in, and she went for it! Of course, her obsession with comparing her body to her cousin's all through the book did get a bit annoying, but I can forgive her..barely.
I am very eager now to go back and read the first book in this series, A Restless Knight, along with the next book in the series, which I heard is going to be out next year or so.
4.5/5 STARS! An interesting, funny, charming, and sweet romance set in my favorite backdrop: Magical Scotland. I love my brawny Highlanders...:)

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