Monday, March 9, 2009

Review: "Passion Unleashed"

Author: Larissa Ione

Series: The Demonica Series, Book 3

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (Part of Hachette Group)

Pages: 480

Summary (B&N):
Forbidden Temptations…
Serena Kelley is an archaeologist and treasure hunter—and a woman with a secret. Since she was seven, she’s been the keeper of a powerful charm that grants her health and immortality . . . as long as she stays a virgin. But Serena isn’t all that innocent. And when a dangerously handsome stranger brings her to the brink of ecstasy, she wonders if she’s finally met the one man she cannot resist.

Fatal Desires…
Wraith is a Seminus demon with a death wish. But when an old enemy poisons him, he must find Serena and persuade her to give him the only known antidote in the universe—her charm. Yet, as she begins to surrender to his seductions, and Wraith senses the cure is within his grasp, he realizes a horrible truth: he’s falling for the woman whose life he must take in order to save his own.

When I first opened Pleasure Unbound (Book 1) last year, I instantly fell in love with Ione's fantasy world, her writing, and her characters-- especially E. Face it, when you start such a spectacular series like this, it's hard not to fall for the first hero you are introduced to. He'll stick in your mind for the rest of the series, towards the top of your list, even as you are introduced to more sexy alpha males. And even as much as I loved Shade's book, (review here), E's story was still fresh in my mind, too. I thought it would stay that way forever...

...And then I started Wraith's book, Passion Unleashed, and E, poor E, was the last guy on my mind! :D

I love the bad guy appeal on a hero as much as the next person, but when we were first introduced to Wraith in book one, he was just a 'so-so' character. I think it was because we knew very little about him, and he seemed to (on the surface) not give a sh** about anyone else. But after reading even a few pages of his story, I was hooked-- I needed more Wraith. Wraith became my favorite of all the brothers, hands down. Not only because of his story, which was AMAZING, but also because of him, and the drastic change he makes in Passion Unleashed.
Besides my complete obsession with Wraith, I also enjoyed this book because of the story line-- Ione keeps us on the edge of the seat until the very end. Will they be able to find a way to keep Wraith (and the other two brothers) alive before it's too late? Will they be able to stop the demons from taking over?
Larissa Ione may not have as many books out as some of the other paranormal authors in the business, but the fan base that some authors accomplish after twenty years of books, I'm convinced that Ione can accomplish with only her Demonica series! Like all of her previous Demonica books, Passion Unleashed has everything-- touching romance, witty conversations, captivating story lines, full-blown paranormal themes (demons and vampires and werewolves, oh my!), and, of course, amazingly steamy love scenes. And be prepared for more than a few surprises along the way..... A new character comes into the story, and he'll play a big part in future books, I'm sure. ;) Really, what more do you need? Add in Wraith's captivating personality and you have a picture perfect book. :)
I keep pressing 'delete' while writing this review, but no matter how long I stare at the computer and try to rewrite it, I'll never be able to do Passion Unleashed the justice it deserves. I can't even beginning to explain all the little things that made me love this book like I did, it's simply too hard! All I can say is if you've been waiting for Wraith's story from book one, you won't be disappointed! Wraith's story is hot hot hot, but it's still got a solid romance between the hero and heroine, it's not just pure lust driven sex 24/7. After all, for Wraith to change his ways like he does, you know that she's got to mean a lot to him!
5/5 STARS! Amazing, passionate... there are not enough good words in the world to describe it! But I will say this: if you thought that the Demonica series would end with Wraith, you're wrong. Like I said, a new hero comes into the story line in this book, and according to her website, she has another 2 books planned, though they won't be available until next year! ARRGH! There is no way I can survive the wait. Whatever will I do? Why, re-read Wraith's delicious story, of course!
Until Next Time,
The Book Queen


Anonymous said...

Nice review!!! I'm happy you enjoyed the story. There's no better feeling than closing a book totally happy with what you just read :)

The_Book_Queen said...

Thanks. :)

That is completely true-- as much as I love reading a book, and the journey the book takes you on along the way, nothing beats the feeling you get at the end of the book...

I'm still upset that the other two books are so far away, but I guess there's not much I can do about that, is there? Lol.

Larissa Ione said...

Oh, yayayayayayay!!!! What a WONDERFUL review! I'm so excited that you loved this book! Of the first three, this one was both the easiest and the hardest to write, and it just tugged at my heart.

Good news...the next two books ARE a long way away, but both should be 2010 releases. I'll also have a Demonica story in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 coming out this fall. It's very, VERY loosely connected, not even set in the same city and features completely new Aegis characters, but maybe it'll help tide over people who are waiting for book 4. Oh! And I'll be putting up deleted scenes from Pleasure Unbound and Passion Unleashed on my website too! :)

Anyway, wonderful, wonderful review!

The_Book_Queen said...

*Bows Down* I am in the presence of a paranormal genius! All hail Ms. Ione! :D

First off, thank you so much for stopping by like this-- I am honored and, of course, very happy.

Thanks for the wonderful praise-- trully, I don't deserve it, my review simply helps to point other readers in your direction and tell them how terrific your Demonica books (especially Wraith's) are. If it wasn't for your amazing writing skills, I wouldn't be able to write the review! But I do thank you for the compliment. It means a lot, especially coming from an author such as yourself.

Believe me, while reading the book, I could tell that his story must have meant a lot to you, because it touched me, something that only the best romances can do. I thought my heart was safe in a fictional world, until I met Wraith.. SIGH. Too bad he's already got Serena. And I really doubt she'd share. Not the point, I guess, since I know that Wraith wouldn't leave her anyway. Guess it will just have to be a one-sided crush...That's okay, as long as I get to read more about him, and his brothers.

2010? That's not bad-- only about a year away. If that's all it is, and they can (hopefully) be released close together, I can survive..barely, but I think I can do it. I'll have the story in the Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2, plus being able to reread the current ones, to tide me over. I'm anxious to read the one in the MBVR though-- as much as I love the demon brothers, I'm interesting in some of the Aegis people too. Did you also contribue to the first MBVR? If so, I'll have to read that one too!

Deleted scenes! I love deleted scenes. What better way to spend a lunch break than on the computer reading them, I ask. I'll have to keep my eyes open for 'em. ;)

Again, thanks for stopping by, and I'm glad that you liked my review.

Warm Regards,