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[NOR Review]: "Beast Master"

Title: Beast Master
Author: Vonna Harper
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Publication Date: 2009 (?)
Available in: E-Book
Book Length: Novella (90 Pages)
Summary (Ellora's Cave):
As Ber, Beast Master of the Puma clan, prowls Puma Mountain, he tracks down an unexpected intruder and finds not a foe, but the last thing he ever expected to find—the woman who can answer to the sexual beast inside him. But more than his needs are at stake. Luann’s Deer clan is dying, and she is their only hope.

The Beast, a massive and ancient puma and Ber’s companion, watches their every movement. Even as Ber comes to see his captive as a human being, as the woman who could be the answer to years of loneliness, the Beast reminds Ber of his savage roots.

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Caution: If reading about hot, explicit, and wild sex is not your thing, then perhaps you should skip this book-- and review! Thanks!

My Review:

Although Beast Master is a novella, and only about 90 pages, it proved to be a very good read. I wish, of course, that the book had been longer, so that Luann and Ber's story could have blossomed out a bit more. However, all things considered, I wasn't disappointed too much. Yes, the ending was a bit too quick, and left me wanting more, but the pages up till then were great-- spicy, erotic, and with a good touch of true romance hidden beneath. 

I thought Beast Master had so much potential, considering the paranormal world Vonna Harper created. True, it's basically just another shapeshifter society, or at least that's how it seems on the surface. But after reading the book, there was just something more there, something that I would love to read more about. I can't place my finger on what exactly it is that helped to set it apart for me, but whatever it was, it sure captured my attention, something that can be difficult  during a time when paranormals practically flood the bookshelves. I'd love to read future books by Harper, especially if she decides to continue with a series for this paranormal setting.

Besides the interesting setting and paranormal theme, Beast Master has a lot to offer-- beyond the obvious hot and spicy erotic scenes, which there were plenty of! Beneath all the heavy lust between Ber and Luann, there was also a real connection, and the beginning of love. Unlike some erotica novels, this book did not just read as straight up porn. It wasn't just hot sex, but much more than that. As the story drew on, I could see how Ber was starting to have feelings for Luann, more than just the lust, and even though it could have been developed a bit more (hence my wish for a full length novel), it was there, and I think the reader can easily see it.

Anyone can write explicit scenes, but a truly talented author can effortlessly combine the hot and heavy with the sweet and romantic. And if Beast Master, as short as it is, is any inclination, I believe that Harper may very well be on her way to becoming such an author!

4 STARS!  The writing was good, the story was interesting, and the characters grabbed my attention. Over all, a perfect book to read late at night, when you want something quick and sexy!


Thanks to Night Owl Romance, where I received this e-book for free in exchange for reviewing the book. (Free book does not equal biased review, however!) This review is the property of NOR.


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Cecile Smutty Hussy said...

Great review honey!! I will be looking for this one!!!

I think that we all think that of novella's... they are too short, but that is the point. As long as the story does not disappoint you, then that makes it a great story!

Amenda Animal Trainer said...

I read this book three times and i love the story