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[NOR and ARC Review]: "Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage"

Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage (Berkley Sensation)
Title: Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage
Author: Jennifer Ashley
Publisher/Publication Date: Berkley (July 6, 2010)
Genre: Historical Romance
Summary (Amazon):
Lady Isabella Scranton scandalized London by leaving her husband, notorious artist Lord Mac Mackenzie, after only three turbulent years of marriage. But Mac has a few tricks to get the Lady back in his life, and more importantly, back into his bed.

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My Review:

After more than three years apart, Lady Isabella and Lord 'Mac' are slowly gravitating back towards each other in this delicious romance novel—because, as one knows, its hard to control the flames when they burn this bright between two souls. And perhaps a fair dose of love lurks in the flames? Only time will tell...

The second in the Mackenzies' Highland Pleasure series, Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage is a wonderful novel, filled with sweet, tender love that has long been denied, fiery passion, and a good dash of witty humor. And as if that were not enough, add into the mix a collection of interesting characters-- from Mac's roguish and artistic ways, to his brother Ian's unique perspective and troubles. Together, it makes for one spectacular novel, and one I am sure you will love!

I very much enjoyed watching Isabella and Mac reconcile after the years apart, to see the flames between them quickly rekindle and flare up. After being hurt by one another in the past, they each had much to change and work through, along with countless pieces of old baggage to get rid of, but that only added to the story—and character—development, making their love very believable and that much more sweet!

4.5 STARS! As much as I loved Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage, I think I will always turn back to Ian and Beth's story (The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie). There is simply something deliciously tempting about Ian, what with his truly tortured hero persona and unique troubles, which dear Beth has begun to help him to over come. It's not that I didn't love Mac and Isabella's story—I did!—but Ian holds a very dear place in my heart. However, Mac has now become a close second—at least so far! After all, we've still got two more brawny Scottish lads to marry off in this family... In short, for a rollicking good time, sexy Highland heroes and touching romances, you just can't beat Jennifer Ashley's novels!

Thanks to Night Owl Reviews, where I received this ARC for free in exchange for reviewing the book. (Free book does not equal biased review, however!) This review is the property of NOR.


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Lover Of Romance said...

I loved this review!!!! I have read the first book of this series, and I can not wait till I can get a hold of this one!!! Sounds like a enticing and sweet love story!! Glad you enjoyed it!

VampFanGirl said...

Great review TBQ!

I have Ian' book in my TBR after all the love that poured from Blogland. I must get around to reading, it especially now.

Hugs, VFG

The_Book_Queen said...

Lover of Romance,
Believe me, you won't be able to hold back from buying this one as soon as it's out! This series is by far one of my favorite in the historical genre, and Ashley is a very talented author, no matter what name/genre she writes under. I'm anxious to read Cam's book next... And then finally the Duke's. Both should be very interesting...

Thanks! Girl, I promise you, as soon as you can, grab Ian's book out of that towering pile (if it's anything like what mine is, at least!)! I promise, you will not regret it! Out of the two, Ian's is still my favorite, but this one is a very close second, and I know you'll love both!

Thanks for stopping by!