Friday, June 25, 2010

Heads Up: Check Out This New Blog-- and Contest!

I simply had to share this with you: I've came across a new blog, by one of my favorite authors, Zoe Marriott. She's only just started it, but she plans on updating regularly, with posts about writing tips, her upcoming books, et cetera. In other words, it sounds like not only will Zoe have some great advice for us readers-turned-aspiring-authors, but a bit of fun as well!

Daughter of the FlamesRemember my rave reviews for both of Zoe's YA fantasy books last year? Daughter of the Flames (review) and The Swan Kingdom (review)? Well, Zoe has mentioned that she plans on giving away a copy of one of her books, along with other fabulous prizes, to a follower of her new blog!

The Swan KingdomThat's right-- you could have your own copy of one of these amazing books, perhaps even signed? (I don't think the books themselves will be signed, but she is giving out some bookplates and I do know you can get signed bookplates from her, visit her website HERE for more information on that!)

Now, she hasn't put up all the information about the contest details yet, but all the more reason to head on over early and check out her posts, enjoy yourself, The contest starts TOMORROW, Saturday June 25th, though I'm not sure how long it will run. However, by the end of it, who knows--- you could be the winner! :D

Oh, and I also found out that the sequel to Daughter of the Flames, titled Shadows on the Moon, is set to come out July of next year-- I can't wait! Come on, even if YA isn't your normal genre of choice, I think all of you would enjoy Zoe's books! Head on over to her blog and watch for her upcoming contest and perhaps you may be lucky enough to win a free copy from the author herself! You can thank me later when you find yourself adding these books to your 'Favorites' pile. :D

So remember, head over tomorrow for the contest details, post to comment/enter on, and other fun things to do!

HERE is the link to her blog home page.   (NOT the actual contest)

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Zoƫ Marriott said...

Thanks, TBQ! Thanks to the difference in our timezones it's already Saturday here, so the competition is officially up!