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[NOR Review]: "The Ever Knight"

Title: The Ever Knight
Author: Geogria Fox
Series: The Conquerors, 1
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Publication Date: July 4, 2011
Genre: Historical Erotica (novella)
Summary (
A Saxon Thane’s daughter, born with mystical healing strength, must choose between two lusty Norman knights, half-brothers, each intent on claiming her for their own. One man has claimed her dowry; the other has claimed her virginity. One man is dying of a battle wound and the other has scars that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Both brothers need her healing touch. Both brothers need her.
And she needs them.
Jisella always knew that one day her Ever Knight would arrive—the soul she’s loved since time began. Yet he’s taken a long time to find her in this life and now she’s not sure which of these handsome Knights is the one for whom she’s waited.

The brothers are all too happy to compete for their lady’s favors. Perhaps there is only one fair decision. Perhaps she can have both, if they might be persuaded to share.

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My Review:

Locked away in a convent for most of her life, Jisella knows her futures lies in whatever marriage her father arranges for her. But she hungers for passion, for lust, and most importantly for her Ever Knight, her soul mate.

Born on All Hallow's Eve, her “kind” are called Children of the Full Moon. Magical healing powers are theirs to use, regenerated once a year on that special day. They mate for eternity, finding the one soul mate that will stay with them forever, even beyond death. Jisella looks for her Ever Knight, and when a group of Norman soldiers come to the convent, she's sure she has found him.

Sneaking out of the tower they are kept in, she goes to Remy, the Norman she has set her eyes, heart, and body on. But a quick roll in the hay (literally), isn't all that she wants. She wants more—more passion like she just experienced, along with a promise from her Knight that he will take her away from this prison the next day, allowing her to avoid the upcoming marriage that has been arranged for her. Little does either one of them know at the time, but she is the one came for, the one he will be taking away tomorrow—back to his half-brother...Jisella's intended.

When morning comes, Remy wakes to find his wounds completely healed—and the seductress from All Hallow's Ever gone. As he prepares his men to ride out, with his brother's intended in tow, who should appear but Renard himself. As the two men head over to meet the mysterious bride-to-be, both men are in for a shock—Remy because he recognizes her as the same woman he just deflowered mere hours before, Renard because instead of an ugly betrothed he finds a temptation beyond all else...

Instead of being angry at his brother for taking his virginal intended, Renard is simply intrigued, and still finds that he wants her more than anything else. Remy can't stop thinking about her, or their night of passion. Whatever will the men do? The answer is obvious: let Jisella decide whom she wants, of course! But she can't make this decision lightly—both men call to her, potential soul mates, her elusive Ever Knight. She demands one thing before she makes her final decision: a (thorough and intense) test drive with each of the brothers. But even after countless attempts with the brothers, she's still not sated. She can only make one choice then: both of them. Neither man argues with this answer, as they both know she is the only one that can satisfy their desires. Her Ever Knight comes in the form of two halves which combine to make her whole.

3.5 STARS! A very heated novella, The Ever Knight does not come in the form of a traditional happily ever after, though it fits the characters perfectly nonetheless. Passions run hot and deep in this book, both when the brothers share Jisella and when they take her separately. The storyline was a bit rushed and underdeveloped for my tastes, and there seemed to be times during the story when the writing didn't flow smoothly, but instead read as if someone had cut off a few pages between scenes. However, despite these minor drawbacks, The Ever Knight is still a quick erotica tale that will no doubt please many readers even if it left me feeling a bit unfulfilled overall. I still look forward to reading the next two in the Conquerors Series to see what else this author has up her sleeves. I'd pick up Georgia Fox's novels any day for the covers alone—they're eye catching and very well done. I'll be sure to look for more of Fox's work when I want a spicy menage to curl up with!

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