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[NOR Review]: "Master of Smoke"

Master of Smoke by Angela Knight
Publisher: Berkley (January 4, 2011)
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Mageverse Series, 7
Summary (
After being attacked by a werewolf, Eva Roman is now able to shift into one. Luckily she saves a handsome shapeshifter from a similar attack. Eva does not know his true identity as Smoke, a Sidhe warrior. His attacker was Warlock, the magic-imbued leader of a cult of werewolf assassins trained to destroy all others. As a war ignites between all the immortals in the Mageverse, Eva and Smoke will need more than their love for each other to survive.

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My Review:

From the bestselling author Angela Knight comes yet another scorching novel from the Mageverse series—prepare to meet (and fall for) Smoke, a sexy demigod/shapeshifter/Sidhe. But should you fall for him, watch out; Eva turns into more than just a jealous girlfriend, she gets down right territorial over him! If you touch him, you may just find yourself being attacked by a pissed-off werewolf. My advice? Look, daydream, hope and wish, but don't touch!

From the very beginning, I've enjoyed Knight's novels. She's added a new twist to the old tales of King Arthur that we grew up learning, adding vampires and werewolves and witches (oh my!), not to mention erotic scenes that would make our old teachers blush! Eleven novels later and I'm still just as excited to get my hands on the next one, ready to here what's happening next in the interesting Mageverse realm—and I'm sure after reading just one that you'll be the same way.

Master of Smoke tells the story of Smoke and Eva; but rather than just telling about their love story, there's more to this book than that. Warlock, an evil Dire Wolf whose very existence many have believed to be a myth up until now, has captured Smoke's power and holds him captive while splintering his soul, his very being, into three pieces (Cat, Smoke, and David). Eva must not only learn to accept her lover as all three—very different personalities—but also save him from Warlock before she loses him forever.

4.5 STARS! Another sexy adventure into the magical realm filled with vampire knights from the time of the Round Table along with witches and werewolves, this is a series you won't want to miss out on! A word of advice though: if you have yet to read any of these books, I would highly suggest starting with book one and work your way down the list. Even though you could probably manage to find your way and enjoy the ride if you hopped on somewhere in the middle, it's just that much more enjoyable if you read it in order. If you enjoy a paranormal series with a healthy dose of erotica, enough wit to lighten the mood, battles of good vs. evil, and a new twist on an old storyline, then what are you waiting for? Enter the world of Mageverse—I promise, once you get in, you won't want to go back!

Thanks to Night Owl Reviews, where I received this book for free in exchange for reviewing the book. (Free book does not equal biased review, however!) This review is the property of NOR.

Note: This is a book I read last year, but never posted the review here on the blog after it went up on NOR.


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Blodeuedd said...

Dunno, but then I do like these kinds of books :)

The_Book_Queen said...

A lot of readers say that this series, like many others, seem to keep going on and on. I personally don't feel that way, though there is of course a fine line between continuing a great series and ruining it by dragging it on.

I love this series because: A) The romance is very sexy, B) I find myself laughing at many parts, and C) The storyline is very unique and I enjoy reading this paranormal spin on King Arthur and his knights.

When you get time, I would suggest trying at least one of the, see if you like the story and then go from there as to the rest of the series. :D

Thanks for stopping by!