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Blog Tour Excerpt: "Taming a Wild Scot" + Giveaway!


Rowan Keats pens historical adventures about hot Highland heroes and the women they claim. The first book in her Claimed by the Highlander series, TAMING A WILD SCOT, hits store shelves on November 5, 2013. Rowan's debut garnered a 4 1/2 star review from RT Book Reviews, which also named her "a rising star of medieval romance". 

When not writing, Rowan can frequently be found in a dark movie theater indulging in a large bag of popcorn, or watching the sunrise with a mug of steaming coffee wrapped in her hands. She lives in Central Canada with a goofy black lab, a very talkative cat, and a daughter whose own creative talents awe and inspire her every day.

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Taming a Wild Scot by Rowan Keats 

Publisher: Signet (November 5, 2013)
Series: Claimed by the Highlander, 1
Genre: Historical Romance (Scotland)

In the Highlands of Scotland, plays for power are fought without rules, treachery and intrigue hold court, and, in one woman’s heart, danger stirs as relentlessly as passion...

Wrongfully accused of murder and left to die in a hellish Highland dungeon, Ana Bisset has lost all hope of freedom. But the beautiful healer’s luck takes an unexpected turn when a hooded stranger appears as her rescuer. After a harrowing escape, Ana settles alone in a quiet village where no one knows her past or her reputation. The last thing she ever expects is to meet her mysterious savior again...

Niall MacCurran is no hero, but a warrior on a dangerous mission to expose a threat to the realm. After his decision to free Ana, he now realizes that it is he who needs her help—willing or no—to advance his quest. But his growing feelings for the delicate yet resilient beauty soon jeopardize their safety—and not even Ana’s healing gifts may be enough to protect their love, or their lives.

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Taming a Wild Scot by Rowan Keats

Niall shouldered past a gillie sweeping the rushes and marched up to Eadgar.

“Have you seen my wife?” he asked the steward.

The very nature of the conversation was intriguing, and all around him, people paused to listen. The steward met his gaze, quiet and firm. “Goodhealer Ana has requested a pallet in the manor so that she might better tend the Lady Elayne.”

“Given the king’s imminent arrival, it was very generous of you to agree.”

The steward correctly interpreted the chill in Niall’s voice and took a step back. “All I could offer her was a spot in the lady’s chamber.”

Niall headed for the stairs.

“I trust this matter will be swiftly resolved?” Eadgar called after him.

“Count on it.”

Mounting the stairs two at a time, Niall reached the baroness’s chamber in short order and knocked. The door was opened by the same maid he recalled from his first day in Duthes. He pushed past her and entered. His eyes found Ana immediately, over by the fire, placing a damp cloth on the lady’s forehead.
Niall acknowledged Lady Elayne with a bow. “Your Ladyship.”

Then he turned to Ana. “Where are your belongings?”

Her eyes narrowed. “It matters not. I am not leaving.”

Spotting her healer’s satchel and a burlap bag next to the bed, Niall snatched them up. “I never took you for a coward. And yet, rather than deal openly with our concerns, you chose to run away.”

She scowled. “My duty lies here at Lady Elayne’s side.”

“A woman’s first duty is to her husband.” He smiled at the baroness. His most charming grin. “Is that not so, Your Ladyship?”

Elayne returned his smile. “Indeed.”

“I will not go,” Ana said darkly.

“Your will is irrelevant,” he said. He tossed her bags over one shoulder, then swooped in to scoop Ana over the other. She shrieked, but he ignored her. “Lady Elayne’s house will soon be filled to the rafters with royal guests. She does not need another mouth to feed.”

“Put. Me. Down.” Ana pounded his back with each word.

Niall offered the Lady Elayne another bow. “Good day to you, Your Ladyship.” Then he carried Ana out the door and down the stairs.

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Cheryl Castings said...

The rescue and escape theme is a favorite of mine. It's fun to watch a romance develop when it's "you and me against the world." I am looking forward to reading this book.

Rowan Keats said...

Wild Scots can behave a little over-the-top when it come to their women. In this case, literally. :-)

The_Book_Queen said...

Ah, but it's expected! We love our Scots to be a bit . . . intense! :)

Stephanie Fredrick said...

I can't wait to read this book. I love Historicals but especially those featuring sexy Scots.

Janice Hougland said...

I fairly swooned, no kidding, when I read this excerpt. Who doesn't dream of being whisked away over the shoulder of a brawny Scot hero? This is why I read medieval romance...I get lost in the history and mystery...and swoon-worthy heroes. :-) I certainly am grateful to Ms. Keats for joining the ranks of medieval authors so that we have plenty of reading material to feed our reading habits. Thanks for this post! jdh2690@gmail.com

Diane Sallans said...

nothing like being swept away by a Highlander!

sallans d at yahoo dot com

Glenda said...

What a great excerpt! If I were in Ana's place I'd be torn between being furious and incredibly turned on!!

MK said...

Tis book is on my Want to Read list!

Lover Of Romance said...

I have been wanting to read this one ever since I heard of it!!! Besides you know my weakness for sexy highlanders!! :)

Lori Ha said...

I am hoping to read this book soon. It's on my stack :)

marypreston said...

How much input did you have on the gorgeous cover?

Stephanie Fredrick said...

The excerpt is really great, I can't wait to read it. Any hints on who the next couple will be in the series?