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[Double Review]: "Homefront"

Homefront by Jessica Scott
Publisher: Jessica Scott (April 7, 2015)
Series: Homefront, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A breathtaking new series from USA Today Bestselling author Jessica Scott

He’s always loved her...

First Sergeant Gale Sorren waited a war and half a lifetime for a chance to be stationed near the ex-wife who left him years ago. When he finally musters the courage to see her, the life he imagined she was living was nothing close to reality. 

She’s never stopped loving him...

Melanie never stopped loving Gale, never stopped worrying about him each time he headed off to war. But he’s never been there when she needed him and she’s had fifteen years to steel her heart against him. 

When Gale moves to Fort Hood, he finally has a chance to make things right with Melanie and the daughter she raised without him.

But Mel can't trust her heart to a man who has always let her down

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Kame's Review:

Gale Sorren hasn’t seen his daughter Jamie in three years. Not since “the call”. Now he is stationed at Fort Hood and he is determined to be part of her life again, as soon as he gets up enough guts to call his ex-wife.

He didn’t know how to truly be in the moment. He wanted to. God but he wanted this. He wanted the normal. That’s why he’d gotten himself sent to Fort Hood for a chance at this.

Mel and Gale were very young when they got married, and before they could adjust to married life they were parents, and divorced before their daughter Jamie was even a year old. Mel was very relatable in the role of single parent. I loved her spunk and stubbornness. In the previous book where we were introduced to Gale he was a man of few words and it carries on in this book. Everything about his character fit with that. He was a man struggling to do the right thing, to matter to the two women who mean the most to his life. He didn’t go into his reconnection with his daughter looking to rekindle the feelings for his ex-wife, but having Mel back in his arms would just make everything right.

He held himself viciously in check. Barely cupped her cheeks as he fought the turbulent need inside, as it surged up, wanting her, only her. To remind her that she was his, she’d always been his. But this was a campaign, not a single battle. He eased back before she could pull away.

“I’m here now.”

His words brushed against her mouth. “For as long as you’ll let me, I’m here.” He stroked his thumb over her cheek. “I know I haven’t been someone you can count on.” He brushed his lips against hers again. “But I’d like to be.”

Mel and Gale were parents first, working as a team and then they found love again. This time they weren’t young adults with stars in their eyes, they were older and definitely wiser and maybe a little more patient.

We see many of our favorite characters from other Jessica Scott books. Reza made me smile and I think I got to know Teague a little better too. A few new characters were introduced, which leads us in great new directions with this series.

“I’m having an existential parenting crisis,” Gale mumbled.

“That’s a hell of a sentence,” Teague said. “Can you even spell ‘existential’?”

This is a typical Jessica Scott book that I have come to love. Witty dialog, heart wrenching scenes, a glimpse into real military family life, and the unexpected. I want you all to have the “Wow” feeling I had when I finished.

4 1/2 STARS! 

Pat's Review:

I am quite vocal about how much I admire Jessica Scott and her military romance novels. Homefront is the newest story and is a perfect example of her amazing talent.

Sergeant First Class Gale Sorren is a war weary soldier preparing his men for another trip down range. He is stationed at Fort Hood at his personal request since his ex-wife Melanie and his daughter Jamie live close by. Gale and Melanie have been divorced for fifteen years.  He has been at Fort Hood for two months without contacting Melanie. He is afraid.....afraid of her rejection, of seeing his daughter after so long. He still loves them, never stopped. The Army had become his world, took all he had to give. Something broke in him when he received a message from Melanie that Jamie was in the hospital and his superiors would not let him go home. All he felt was blind rage and was nearly court-martialed for his actions.

Melanie Francesco and Gale were barely adults when they married, he was sent overseas almost immediately. An unexpected pregnancy was even more pressure and shortly after Jamie was born, Gale was gone again. Melanie was left with a colicky baby, and a life to live without Gale, so she did what she thought was right and divorced him. They skyped and emailed, but it was never enough. He would fly in and spend a few days and fly out. Now, she is desperate for help with their teenager who is on a self-destructive track. Gale is back, wanting to help, wanting to be in their lives again.  He has a year before he has to go back to war .......he hopes. Meanwhile on base he is struggling with an alarming number of off-base misconduct by soldiers stationed at Fort Hood.

We revisit some old friends, Reza Ioconnelli, Ben Teague and others. This novel is heartrending yet a beautiful second chance romance. War is not easy for families. Ms. Scott has first hand knowledge of that struggle, which makes her novels even more compelling. I received this ARC from the publisher for an honest review. I have pre-ordered my own copy to add to my collection of her books. This is a novel I highly recommend.


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Kame and Pat both received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for their honest opinions.

*Note: The quotes used belong to Jessica Scott; TBQ's Book Palace does not claim them.

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Thanks for the reviews, ladies! I can't wait to start it myself. :)

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Lover Of Romance said...

Great reviews ladies!!! I love compelling stories like these ones, I haven't had the chance to try this author out, but you have definitely gotten me intrigued by her.

Sophia Rose said...

Just finished this one so I could finally get around and read other thoughts on the book. I am right there with you ladies. Loved this latest and can't wait for the next one.

KAMEBookReview said...

The next one will just amaze you!

KAMEBookReview said...

Jessica Scott is wonderful - her books just get your heart. So many to choose from. If you want one of her newest Homefront starts a new series. Because of You is her first. Before I Fall is NAish...