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[Pat's Review]: "The Billionaire Bride"

The Billionaire Bride by Marquita Valentine
Publisher: Valentine Publishing, LLC (May 5, 2015)
Series: The Brides of Holland Springs, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

It’s not easy being the woman most likely to be married to a fortune hunter, but Kate Von Lichtenstein has a plan to deter even the most determined gold digger. She’ll take a page right out of her favorite historical romance novel - with her own unique spin. She’ll marry a man of her choosing before the public gets wind of how much money she actually inherited from her grandparents. And who fits the bill better than the sexy and charming American businessman, Noah Sawyer?

After selling his share of the successful tech company, Noah Sawyer lost everything when an unscrupulous realtor stole the money he intended to use to purchase a huge swath of land worth millions. So, when a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding with a hot brunette turns into a mutually beneficial business arrangement, Noah jumps at the chance to salvage his business.

However, the sexy land developer has no intention of his marriage to Kate being in name only…

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Pat's Review:

This novel is the start of a new series by Ms. Valentine but filled with friends from Holland Springs.

Kate Von Lichenstein has been fair game for paparazzi since she was sixteen. Daughter of a Baron, her family well connected to the Romanov's, the cameras and voices were always surrounding her. She recently inherited billions of dollars from her grandparents trust and was terrified of the fortune hunters and publicity that will take over her life.

Noah Sawyer had met Kate briefly before, but was very happy to see her at the latest Romanov wedding, Sebastian and Daisy's. Kate seemed stressed and he had certainly had a very bad day, so he whisked her away for an intimate dinner. Noah had lost a lot of money when his thieving accountant took off. His business needed a influx of money quickly, but  he wasn't going to think about it now that he was with Kate. They had barely arrived at the restaurant when Kate shocked him to the core. She wanted to marry him! A marriage to save Kate from the fallout of her inheritance and perhaps save Noah's business. After some discussion and serious thought, he agreed to marry Kate, but this was not going to be a "paper" marriage. He insisted on being a real husband.

They gradually realized how compatible they were, the sex was hot and they actually liked each other. Until outside forces pushed them to doubt themselves and their marriage. Her family would stop at nothing to tear them apart and almost succeeded.

The story takes us to London and Holland Springs. The characters old and new are very enjoyable. I enjoy friends to lovers stories and this is a perfect example.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) You've got me curious, I always love visiting Holland Springs again.

Have you read Marquita Valentine? Do you have a favorite of hers so far?


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Lover Of Romance said...

what a great review you have here!! I have seen this book around but haven't really looked into it...until now. I love this trope, and I have started reading more contemp's I am going to add this to my list. You have me totally hooked on trying this author out.

Sharonda said...

one of my favorites read is the friends to lovers troupe. Great review!