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[Pat's Review]: "A Wish Upon Jasmine"

A Wish Upon a Jasmine by Laura Florand
Publisher: Laura Florand (July 28, 2015)
Series: La Vie en Roses, 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From Reviewers’ Choice Book of the Year nominee and bestselling author Laura Florand:

Ruthless. That was what they said about Damien Rosier. Handsome. Wealthy. Powerful. Merciless. No one messed with his family, because to do so they would have to get through him. No one thought he had a heart. Not even the woman he gave his to.

Cynical. That was what they said about Jasmin Bianchi. A top perfumer of her generation, Jess had achieved commercial success by growing a protective shell over a tender heart. The one time she cracked it open to let Damien in, he crushed it—after a night of unbelievable passion.

Lovers. That one magical night couldn’t survive the harsh light of dawn. When Jess woke up to discover the man in bed beside her had stolen her company, she fled.

Enemies. Now she’s come to the south of France with a threat to his family heritage. If he wants to reclaim both it and the woman who walked away from him, he’s going to have to fight as dirty as only Damien can.

But Jess knows how to fight dirty, too. And these days, she has nothing left to lose.

Certainly not her heart.

Come explore the south of France, a world of heat and fragrance and tales as old as time, through the stories of the five powerful Rosier cousins and the women who win their hearts. A Wish Upon Jasmine, book two in Florand’s addictive new series, La Vie en Roses. “Explosive, sensual, and utterly sweet” (Eloisa James)

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Pat's Review:

This novel is a beautiful, emotional feast for the senses. Ms. Florand's descriptions of flowers, smells and scenery make you feel like you are there in Grasse, France. The biggest feast is for your heart.

Damien Rosier is known as dark, powerful and merciless, both in business and his personal life. He is the guardian of his family's empire, protecting it from all outsiders. His Tante Colette seems to be working against him though. Colette was a resistance fighter, along with other members of her family in WWII.  They rescued over 30 children and sent them to Switzerland.  She is as strong and feisty as she was  during the war and is now in her 90's  Colette has brought another young woman to Grasse giving her part of the Rosier inheritance. A small shop in the heart of Grasse. This young woman is Jasmin Bianchi. Her father left Grasse many years ago to start his own perfume company. Jasmin is following in his tradition and is now famous for a perfume she regrets selling. Spoiled Brat. It was a sarcastic gift to the world of perfume made by a very young woman who had just graduated from perfume school. It is still a best seller, but she wants to move on. She is overjoyed at the gift of this beautiful old shop from Tante Colette. She is planning on doing only custom fragrances for customers.

Damien met Jasmin at a party a few years ago. She was beautiful, shy and dressed in a filmy romantic dress. It was a magical night, no real names were exchanged, and she was gone in the morning. Damien was very disappointed, but the next day he met with a major shareholder of a company he was taking over and shattered Jasmin's  heart. This was HER company, a chance to show her talents. Not two weeks later her father passed away after a long debilitating illness. She couldn't seem to get past the grief, so the letter from Colette Delatour's attorney was a huge step toward coming back to the world. Except, there was Damien and Damien could not forget that night or Jasmin.

This is a love story to read again and again. It can be read as a stand alone, but don't deprive yourself of the pleasure of reading all the La Vie En Roses stories.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author, in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! Sounds like another lovely read from Laura. :)

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