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[Pat's Review]: "The Thornless Rose"

The Thornless Rose by Morgan O'Neill 
Publisher: Entangled: Select Historical (December 29, 2014)
Series: Elizabethan Time Travel, 2
Genre: Time Travel Romance

No one ever knew what really happened to Dr. Jonathan Brandon back in 1945. He simply disappeared from a London pub, leaving behind an unsolved mystery and his fiancĂ©e—Anne Howard's grandmother. Seventy years later, Anne herself is haunted by the strange tale, along with inexplicable hallucinations straight out of Elizabethan England. Including a scarred, handsome man whose deep blue eyes seem to touch her very soul.... Anne wonders if there isn't something more to the story. Is it even possible that Jonathan disappeared into the England's dark past? And why does Anne keep hearing him whisper her name? Because now she too feels the inexorable pull of the past, not to mention an undeniable attraction for a man she doesn't even know.  It's just a matter of time before Anne will step back into history, and face a destiny―and a love―beyond imagining...

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Pat's Review:

This is a fascinating, very suspenseful time travel romance that will have you holding your breath at times!

Anne Howard is an American high school history teacher, visiting her grandmother in London for the summer.  While going through the attic exploring she comes across a trunk with old letters addressed to her grandmother from a man she never heard of, not her grandfather. Catherine Hasting Howard decided it was time to tell her story....... She had fallen madly in love with an RAF surgeon and he with her. They were to be married on New Year's Eve. On Christmas Eve he disappeared with out a trace. Was it murder, kidnapping or something else? After hearing Catherine's story, and seeing his picture, Anne couldn't let it go. Catherine had moved on and met Arthur Howard and they lived happily together for 63 years. But she never forgot Jonnie.  Anne has decided she wants to know more. She investigates some of their favorite places even the pub, The Bishop's Crook, where Jonathan disappeared. She started hearing strange voices, people dressed in Elizabethan clothing and even someone calling her name. When Anne confessed this to Catherine, she became very agitated, explaining that Jonnie spoke of similar occurrences. Anne was frightened, wanted to go home to America, but couldn't get a flight. Catherine insisted she be prepared for the worst, clothing, a knife, penicillin and other needs always on her person. It came in handy. On a beautiful day in London, with her Grandmother by her side, Anne disappears.

Her life in 16th century London is frightening, suspenseful and an amazing love story. Before she is unable to find Dr. Brandon she is manhandled by rogues and ends up in a few harrowing adventures that will have your pulse pounding!  Even after finding Jonathan, their lives became a life and death struggle with names the reader will find very familiar. I can't say enough wonderful things about this story. The prequel,  Begun By Time is equally as captivating as The Thornless Rose.  I'm hoping that the authors have another book in this series, I want to know a lot more about Sir Jonathan and Lady Anne.   This will be a novel added to my Best of 2015 list.


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Pat bought this book.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I'll have to put this one on my list. I do enjoy a good time-travel romance. :D

Do you have a favorite time-travel romance?

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