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[Pat's Review]: "Tangled in Tinsel"

Tangled in Tinsel by Stacy Eaton
Publisher: Nitewolf Novels (September 29, 2015)
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Welcome to Celebration Township. 

Casey Lowe is new in town and hiding from her past. Her next-door neighbor, Thad Wagner, is a sexy police officer, who is good with his hands, and his lips, but Casey refuses to get involved with a married man, and Thad can't seem to understand why she keeps pushing him away. No matter how they try to stay apart, something keeps drawing them together. When an unexpected visitor shows up at Casey's house the week before Christmas, her future is on the line. Will Thad figure it out in time to save her, or will Casey become a conspirator to a murderer? 

Tangled in Tinsel is the first book in the thirteen-story novella series that takes place in quaint Celebration Township, Pennsylvania. The rest of the series will begin to release in the fall of 2016.

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Pat's Review:

Welcome to Celebration Township, Pennsylvania. A small town with some wonderful characters.

Cassandra Lowe, known as Casey has moved to Celebration to escape her recent past. She bought a "fixer upper" house and starts a new job soon. She will be the Nurse Supervisor of the ER, for the local hospital. She is escaping an ex and her family both of whom let her down, hard. As she is moving in, she realizes this is way more than a simple fixer upper!  Meeting her next door neighbor for the first time at the local bar is quite an experience. He's gorgeous, a local police officer and seems just as dazzled by her. So much so he walks into a door when leaving!

Thad Wagner lives with his sister Corinne and her five year old son Tommy. He loves them both and helps with Tommy all he can. He can't seem to get his new neighbor off his mind. He stops by to check on her and gets quite an eyeful of all the work she is planning to do and offers to help. As much as she wants to be independent in her new life, she realizes  some of the work is just too much for her and gladly accepts Thad's offer of help.  Each day they become more attracted to each other. A few stolen kisses and they both want more. But misunderstandings and silly arguments keep pulling them apart. Just when they think they have worked it out, danger from Casey's past threatens her and Thad must put his emotions aside and do his job as a police officer to save her.

This novel is exciting, sexy and a fun read. Add some Christmas to the mix and this novella is a five star for me. I'm looking forward to more adventures in Celebration.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) 

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