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[ARC Review]: "Boyfriend Material"

Boyfriend Material by K.A. Mitchell
Publisher: Carina Press (August 15, 2016)
Series: Ethan and Wyatt, 2
Genre: M/M Romance -- New Adult

Physically, it’s easy for Ethan and Wyatt to be together—well, if “easy” means stolen moments when Ethan’s roommate is away, or sneaking away to a hidden nook in the library. Privacy is hard to come by in a dorm, but finding ways to connect is half the fun. 

Emotionally, though, that’s a different story. Wyatt isn’t sure if a relationship is something he can make last—years of having to hide his emotions have left him with a shaky sense of self-confidence. And when it’s time to head home for the holidays, their steamy on-campus connection may not translate so well to the real world…

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My Review:

Caring about people obviously just gave life new ways to fuck you over.

Ethan and Wyatt’s story continues with Boyfriend Material, and it’s just as good as the first book, though shorter (about 90 pages). This time we get only Wyatt’s POV, and the story focuses on the two young men trying to navigate their new relationship.

Ethan’s from the richer part of the tracks and had a long-time boyfriend before Wyatt, while Wyatt is from the wrong side of the tracks, had a brief stint in juvie, is only now coming to terms with his sexuality, and has Waardenburg syndrome, which has affected his hearing in one ear, caused his eyes to be two different colors, and generally resulted in people always staring at him. Because of all that, Wyatt doesn’t want to go home and meet Ethan’s family for the holidays, he knows he’s not good enough, he knows that he’ll be found lacking . . . and worse, that Ethan will finally realize that he’s not worth it all.

So . . . much like book 1, there’s still angst, especially as Wyatt has a hard time with accepting that he deserves happiness, and Ethan wants to be the one to give him that.

I definitely wanted to sit Wyatt down and get him to just talk to Ethan (and vice versa) more than a few times, but I do also understand why they were both a bit unused to it. Also, they are young – around 18-19 – and no one at that age has mastered How to Relationship, so I can’t really harp on them for it too much. Just know that if NA internal angst isn’t your thing, this series may not be the best fit. If it’s your catnip, you’re in luck!

Perhaps the one thing I loved most about this book? The sex scenes. But probably not for the reason you think. Don’t get me wrong, they ARE hot. But more importantly they’re a bit awkward and not always perfect and even clumsy at times. Which is pretty damn accurate to how it can be IRL, especially when you’re talking about a new couple, and especially a new couple that’s still relatively inexperienced in general (see NA age). This added just that little bit extra to their story, and I was glad that the sex wasn’t all perfect explosions, especially during Ethan’s first time (anal).

I grew up in a trailer in the mountains of West Virginia. I knew what need was, and I knew the difference between needing and wanting. But I swear, I'd never known what wanting like this was. Wanting something so much it hurt. And it wasn't just his smile, his tongue against mine, even his body. I wanted everything. I wanted the promise of it. That I could be this. Like him. With him. Happy.

A quick read, and one that I very much enjoyed. I’m looking forward to the final installment in their story, which won’t be out until next year (boo!). Perfect for anyone looking for a NA M/M read, just be aware that their story isn’t completed yet, though I wouldn’t mark it as a major cliffhanger, either. 

3 1/2 STARS! 

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I received an e-ARC of this book from the publisher, via NetGalley.

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Seriously though, awkward, imperfect sex can be so ridiculously hot, and I always love when such scenes are included (in any subgenre). What about you?


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