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[Pat's Review]: "Second Shield II: The Return"

Second Shield II: The Return by Stacy Eaton
Publisher: Nitewolf Novels (August 30, 2016)
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Six weeks after the biggest case of her life, Sgt. MacKenzie "Mack" McCallister receives information that changes her future. With the man she loves on the opposite side of the country, Mack isn't sure she can do it on her own.

Special Agent Andrew Cooper is dealing with the hardest thing he has ever had to face, and in order to do it, he must shelve his feelings for Mack and pray that she will be there when he returns.

As time passes, Mack focuses her attention on the serial killer investigation and forces thoughts of Drew out of her mind. When emotions are running high, Drew returns, and everything in Mack's world is turned upside down.

It will fall to Drew who will figure out the missing pieces of the serial murder investigation, but will he be able to do it before he loses Mack forever?

While Second Shield II: The Return is a sequel to Second Shield, it can be read as a stand-alone novel. To better understand some of the details of this book, it is recommended to read the first one. 

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Pat's Review:

Second Shield sets up the relationship between Sgt. MacKenzie McAllister and undercover Special Agent Drew Bradley (real name Andrew Cooper). They work a very difficult case that shakes both them and the department up. They realize their attraction is more than sex, but Drew is no longer undercover, and has to return to California.

Mack is working very hard and missing Drew but they talk every day. The unit is working on a growing number of suspicious deaths that seem to lean toward serial killer.

Chris Carley appears with information about other suspicious deaths in the county, and the unit goes into high gear.

Mack believes her quick temper and exhaustion are due to overwork, but soon finds out she is pregnant! How could she tell Drew? How could she do this alone? She is forty! Chris steps up to help. He has cared for her from the beginning, but had backed away because he knew she loved Drew. Suddenly, she hears from Drew after a long silence, Annabelle (the mother of his children) who has brain cancer, has worsened and he needs "time." Drew and Annabelle never married, but co-parented their twins, now ten, very successfully. Mack understands and agrees, but wonders how much time he needs? She never gets a chance to tell him her news.

Drew is struggling. He loves and misses Mack, but doesn't want Annabelle to give up, even though she is tired of fighting and wants to die in peace. He also has their children to protect and ease into her eventual passing. He faces guilt every day....leaving Mack with no idea when he would return, and forcing Annabelle to fight harder, even though she's ready to die with peace and dignity.

This novel is another of Ms. Eaton's wonderful law enforcement stories with so much heart. She delves into police procedures and how it effects their work and their family lives. Not to mention a very romantic love story. I recommend reading the first in the series, Second Shield, to better understand characters and personalities, but it can be read as a stand alone. This was a five star read for me, and a wonderful conclusion to this story.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! :) 

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