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[Pat's Review]: "Home Sweet Love"

Home Sweet Love by Ava Miles
Publisher: Ava Miles Inc. (January 11, 2017)
Series: Dare Valley, 10
Genre: Contemporary Romance

USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles presents an emotional and romantic story about two people who fall in love and discover home is all that matters. Hardened billionaire Chase Parker lost his home tragically at a young age. Will sweet and sassy businesswoman Moira Hale be able to convince him he can make a home with her and trust in something as sweet as love?

Millions of readers have fallen in love with Ava's bestselling books...come join the family. International Bestselling Author Ava Miles shares a powerful tale about the sweetness of home and falling in love for the first time. 

Chase Parker doesn’t believe in all that gushy home sweet love stuff. Moira Hale sure as heck does. Becoming a respected corporate executive of a billionaire enterprise is more enduring, according to Chase. He lost his home in a tragedy as a kid and doesn’t plan on building another one ever again. But he finds himself stuck in small town Dare Valley recovering from a skiing accident—and in a home much like the one he lost. Moira is excited to have her first real home in addition to a fantabulous new job, working in tandem with Chase’s boss on a high-powered fundraiser. She and Chase don’t have to worry about an office romance technically because they don’t work together. And so, while Chase is recovering, they decide to “hang out” and enjoy each other. Neither anticipate how deep their feelings go. Chase certainly doesn’t expect to sift through the ashes of his past in order to heal and share his memories with Moira—or find comfort in all the things he’d locked away. But soon Chase discovers how sweet home can be…all the while falling in love.

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Pat's Review:

It's always enjoyable to visit Dare Valley and all it's characters. Chase Parker, Evan Michael's best friend and business partner, is visiting from Northern Virginia to discuss a very important fund raiser coming up. But a skiing accident changes all that.

Moira Hale is the new director of the Artemis Institute of Innovations, a job she loves. She's a bit uncomfortable after getting off on the wrong foot with Chase -- he dislikes some of the people she is considering inviting, even though Evan agrees with her. All of that is pushed aside when Chase has a skiing accident, breaks his leg and arm and has a severe concussion. He will be staying in Dare Valley for the time it takes him to recover and he's not happy, especially with a spark of attraction between he and Moira. Chase "Didn't date. He made deals. Ran a corporate empire." He sees women that serve as decorations on his arm. Certainly not strong, intelligent corporate types like Moira. But she is always there for him, at the hospital, at the home he is temporarily living in, and they find the attraction is mutual. They both decide that since technically they don't work together, it's only a matter of time till he returns to Virginia, they might as well explore their feelings and enjoy the time they have. Chase is angry, in pain, and despises feeling helpless, but Moira stays by his side doing her best to keep him healing and resting. The "attraction" turns into a whole lot more.

Arthur Hale is at the center of this story, and does his best to keep his family in line. A family that is growing by leaps and bounds. A romantic small town story that will keep you turning pages.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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