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[Pat's Review]: "Redemption"

contemporary romance, romance novel covers, Royal Pick, Redemption by Kelly Moran
Redemption by Kelly Morran
Publisher: Smashwords (June 13, 2017)
Series: Cattenach Ranch, 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Nearly the last remaining member of Olivia Cattenach's family has just died overseas and left her overcome by grief. But when a soldier shows up at her ranch with a final message from her brother, she finds new purpose. Nathan Roldan is as formidable as they come. Bulging muscles and inked to boot, he looks like every bit the bad boy he claims to be. Except, under his shuttered gaze and behind his walls lies a gentle giant. Determined to carry out her brother's wishes, she chips away at Nate's layers and discovers more pain than any person should ever have to endure. And a passion she never dreamed was possible.

He's not the hero she thinks he is...

Nate's mistake got a fellow comrade killed, and a deathbed promise to take care of the guy's sister lands him in Wyoming with the hope of redemption. But he wasn't expecting...her. Beautiful, witty, and sweet, Olivia is everything he doesn't deserve. Born a nothing, he'll die a nothing. Though guilt is a living thing, temptation is too hard to resist. Somehow, she's unleashing his restraint and unearthing feelings he buried long ago. He wants her. More, he's worried he needs her. She's trying to save him, but when she learns the truth, he'll lose the only happiness he's ever known. 

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Pat's Review:

A beautiful love story between a man who thinks he's worthless and doesn't deserve love, and a young woman who is determined to prove him wrong. But the secret between them could break them.

Nate Raldon was raised in the foster care system, and was involved with a very dangerous gang. He knew no kindness or caring, and when faced with paying for his mistakes he was given a choice: military or jail. The military saved his life; he had a family, food, and a place to sleep. He had found his place, until a mission gone terribly wrong left his best friend dying in his arms. Justin's last words were to please take care of his sister. After recovering from his own injuries and discharged from the service, he heads straight to Cattenach Ranch to fulfill his promise to his dying friend. Nate feels responsible for Justin's death, and will spend whatever time he has left protecting Olivia Cattenach.

Olivia is slowly coming to terms with losing her brother/best friend. She keeps the farm running with her Aunt Mae (who raised her), her foreman, Nakos, and various other men working the land. When Nate enters their life she knows what Justin would want. So a job and home is what he's given. Her feelings for this big gorgeous warrior grow with each day, and after rescuing her from her best friend's abusive husband, who had a gun pointed at her head, she knows it's not friendship she's looking for with Nate. Nate is reluctantly falling as hard and fast as she is. But he has a secret that he thinks would make him unworthy of her love. Should he keep the secret and take his chances or bear his soul?

Ms. Moran's books are exciting, sexy and romantic. I couldn't put this one down.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! 

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