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[Jen's Review]: "Sanctuary"

Sanctuary by Rebekah Weatherspoon
Publisher: Rebekah Weatherspoon (August 29th, 2017)
Series: Beards and Bondage, 2
Genre: Contemporary Erotica / BDSM
Dual 1st POV

From multi award-winning author Rebekah Weatherspoon, comes book 2 in this sexy, suspenseful series... 

When she needs a sanctuary…

Targeted by a sadistic former client, attorney Liz Lewis needs a place to lay low. When a friend offers her his family farm as a safe house, she eagerly accepts, unaware that she’ll have to share the farm with her friend’s brawny, beautiful brother, Silas McInroy.

…she invades his…

Weary of a world that doesn’t understand him, Silas just wants to be left alone to grow the best produce upstate New York has to offer. Still, he’s not going to toss a woman out when her safety is on the line. But the only way to explain her presence on his farm is to claim that they fell in love online…and the last thing he needs is a fake relationship that threatens to become more and more real every day.

With her world turned upside down and danger on her trail, Liz knows that this temporary refuge can’t last forever…but leaving the comfort and ease of Silas’s arms and farm to face the reality of her life may be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

*** WARNING: This book contains scenes of mild bondage and domination between a gorgeous lawyer and a sexy farmer who is terrible with women. And five farm dogs with varying degrees of loyalty to both the hero and heroine.***

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Jen's Review:

This book starts off with our heroine Liz, coming home after a night out with friends, only to find an intruder in her apartment. She literally fights for her life, determined to survive. I will admit to having a moment of concern--obviously for Liz and her physical and emotional well-being---but also because the “heroine being attacked” scene was also used for the beginning of Haven. You know how sometimes authors hit a groove, and every single book they write is basically the same? I am here to tell you that I was wrong to worry. Rebekah Weatherspoon is completely in charge of this story and her characters. Sanctuary isn’t a tired rehash of a previous book, it's its own thing, and it’s emotionally complex and completely satisfying.

After the attack, Liz’s friend Scott helps her to find a place to hide out and recover: with his twin brother at their family farm in upstate New York. I love Liz and Silas. Their chemistry is powerful even if they aren’t sure they actually like each other. Liz is fierce, determined, and completely sure of herself. Even as her own life is in danger, she’s worried about how to protect everyone around her. Silas is painfully shy, so much so that he suspects he’s on the spectrum, but the people in his town love and care for him. Liz’s presence is completely disruptive to his life, but he wants to help her. Did I mention he has five dogs? And one of them is old, crotchety, and named Joe Namath? It’s adorable.

The primary reason that Rebekah Weatherspoon is one of my favorite authors is that she writes fully-formed, complex characters. Liz struggles to overcome the attack in her apartment, riding the waves of feelings that overcome her. Silas’s relationship with his family is strained by his difficulties with communication and by some really ugly behavior from his twin brother when they were in college. But Liz quickly figures out that although talking is hard for him, he is a man of action. He can just BE with her, and once she figures out that he’s honest and doesn’t play games, everything accelerates. I also appreciated that Rebekah Weatherspoon resists the urge to have the HEA fix every single problem Liz and Silas have. She’s still miserable in her job as a lawyer and has to figure that out. Silas’s rift with his brother is too deep and wide to be magically restored. However, they both work at making those problems better; the inner strength they’ve gained from each other helps them work to make their lives better.

Finally, probably the best thing about this book is the sex, not only because it’s smoking hot (although IT IS), but because it shows the importance of intimacy. The first time they have sex, Liz takes charge (did I mention her first act was as a dominatrix?) because that’s what she likes. But after it’s over, Silas tells her he didn’t like it. She cannot believe it! He explains:

“No. I liked it. I mean, I came really hard. I think I popped a blood vessel on the side of my head. I loved it. You’re good at it. You’re good at sex...I just wanted to touch you. I think about touching you all the fucking time. I wanted to touch you more.”

He wants more than just sex, he wants a connection. She’s had sexual relationships that were transactional, but he’s demanding to know her and really be with her. As Liz and Silas start to trust each other, the author skillfully shows their sexual relationship evolving, too. And, I would be completely remiss if I didn’t mention that they make a sex tape. It is unbelievably hot and perfect.

I loved this book! It is excellent and everything you’d possibly want in a romance. You should read it, and tell all your friends about it, and, like me, start anxiously drumming your fingers waiting for the next book by this fantastic author.


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Jen received an e-ARC of this book from the author.

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Thanks for the review, Jen! I have this one on my Kindle, hope to read it soon. :)

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