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[Pat's Review]: "New Tricks"

New Tricks by Kelly Moran
Publisher: Lyrical Shine (September 26, 2017)
Series: Redwood Ridge, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Loving someone is something you never forget how to do . . .

Zoe Hornsby has enough on her plate. Her pet grooming business tucked inside her friends’ veterinarian clinic is busy, and all her free time outside of work is dedicated to caring for her mother’s ailing mind. Dating is certainly not on her agenda. For all she cares, the town gossips of Redwood Ridge, Oregon, can set their matchmaking sights on someone else. Because no way would she consider sexy veterinarian Drake O'Grady her perfect guy. Once upon a time, she may have harbored a little crush, but he’d only had eyes for her best friend. And the crazy attraction building between her and Drake now? Down boy, down.

After Drake lost his wife to cancer, he’s finally clawed his way out of grief and beginning to feel more like a part of the human race. But he’s appalled to learn his prying family thinks he's ready to jump in the dating pool. And the woman they thrust at him couldn’t be more inappropriate. As his dead wife’s best friend, Zoe is off limits. Even if they seem to share a common sadness, she is too potent a personality to get romantically tangled with. Yet she’s making his heart beat and blood roar like he never thought it could again. And he doesn't want to just exist anymore . . . 

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Pat's Review:

This is the third book in the Redwood Ridge series, which is a delightful blend of humor, family, friendship, and hot romance. They are each standalone stories, but once you read about one of the O'Grady brothers you will quickly want to know about them all!

Drake is the oldest and is the surgical vet at the animal clinic they run. He has had a rough four years since his wife Heather passed away, especially since both of his brothers have found their soulmates. At Flynn's wedding, seeing their blissful happiness, he realized it was time to start living his life again. But where to start? The one woman that has been steady in his life was his wife's best friend Zoe. She had been there for the whole terrible journey, and they have had an odd connection since. They text each other frequently....things they can't say out loud to anyone.

Zoe Hornsby is the clinic's groomer. She has had a secret crush on Drake even before he started dating his wife, but has always kept it secret. Her life is now in turmoil since her mother started exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's/dementia. Cat (her mom) can't be left alone, doesn't recognize Zoe, and at times is violent. Drake knew she was taking care of her mom, but not the traumatizing effect it was having on Zoe's life. They both realize, finally, that they are attracted to each other, and it was time to see where things go. But there's a secret Zoe is keeping that could totally change their future...

This novel was especially poignant for me; my mom suffered from dementia for the last several years of her life, and Ms. Moran was very accurate with her descriptions.

The characters are so much fun, their banter hysterical, and the family love warms your heart. This series is one I will read again and again. I highly recommend it.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! This one sounds wonderful; I really need to read her books, and I think my library has a few. :) 

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