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Pat's Review: Final Siege

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Final Siege by Scarlett Cole
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (January 30, 2018)
Series: Lover Over Duty, 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Former SEAL Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick is all about the future he’s created with his Navy brothers in Eagle Securities, taking assignments in the most dangerous places, and doing things no one but ex-military would attempt. But when an urgent phone call brings his troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse.


An investigative journalist researching an explosive story, Delaney Shapiro tells herself she got over Mac—and his role in her brother’s death—a long time ago. But the first moment she sees him at her bedside in an overseas hospital, she knows it’s not true. Every moment together rekindles the desire that once burned between them, and now that she’s a target for an emerging Russian arms dealer, Mac won’t let her out of his sight. To protect her, he’ll risk it all—including his life…

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Pat's Review:

Malachi “Mac” McCormick, former Navy SEAL and co-owner of Edge Security, has had a pretty amazing life so far. Besides his very dangerous yet rewarding work with the military, he gets to work for his own company with his best friends from his SEAL team, and he’s living in a luxurious condo, home sitting for his brother. Only one regret burns in his heart: the loss of a friend and the girl he loved.

Delaney Shapiro loved Mac with all she had. Until the day of her brother’s funeral, when she slapped him in the face. She’s been carrying that loss with her since, fourteen long years. She has a career as an investigative journalist, and stumbled on a story that involves National Security.

Mac gets a call from a hospital in Germany that Delaney is being treated there, and has repeatedly asked for him. He’s frantic with worry and heads to her side. What he finds totally breaks his heart. She has been drugged, beaten and brutalized and is unconscious. She refuses to tell him her story, but Mac knows first and foremost it’s extremely dangerous. The doctors allow her to go back to the states, and Mac sneakily arranges for her to stay with him. He’ll protect her with his life.

The danger follows her home and she finds herself depending more and more on Mac and his operatives. She and Mac have a painful secret they must get past, and Mac is determined she hear the truth once and for all.

This second in the Love Over Duty series can be read as a stand alone, but the first is equally exciting and entertaining. There is second chance love story with suspense and a lot of heat. I am highly anticipating the third book in the series.


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