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Pat's Review: Patchwork Quilt of Happiness

Patchwork Quilt of Happiness by Ava Miles
Publisher: Ava Miles Inc. (April 16, 2018)
Series: Dare River, 6
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Riley Thomson believes every woman can be her own superhero.

When he meets Sadie McGuiness, he’s even more sure of it.

The sassy quilter might not fight good and evil, like he depicts as a comic book artist, but she leaps tall buildings in a single bound. He sees it in her brave quest to locate her long-lost sister and the way she champions his motherless daughter. It’s not just her superhuman strength he’s attracted to—it’s the strength of her heart. She stitches together the different blocks of her life with love, much like the magical quilts she creates. Soon he’s modeling his new female superhero after her.

As Sadie and Riley create their own patchwork of happiness, dark forces from their past return to test them. Can they battle them together to ensure a happily ever after for them and the rest of their family? 

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Pat's Review:

This is a lovely story of families, friends, and new love. Sadie McGuinnes is the last of the family who is still single. She loves all her sisters and brother, and their significant others, so she is content to live her life enjoying all these relationships around her.

Sadie has recently discovered they have a half sister from an affair their father had with a young woman. It was years ago, but the family never recovered. When she found out about Paige Watkins, Sadie decided to take it upon herself to meet her and if possible gradually introduce her to the family. She bravely showed up on Paige’s doorstep one evening and is greeted by Riley Thomson, Paige and her husband’s next door neighbor. He is very attractive and funny and has an adorable daughter name Jess. She is best friends with Paige’s daughter Hayley, and the two families have a routine of child care and friendship that totally works. Riley is a comic book writer and illustrator. After exchanging numbers, he is thrilled when Sadie agrees on a date.

Paige, now Bradshaw, is overcome by the generosity and acceptance from the McGuinnes family, each one welcoming her with open arms.

After a disastrous date, Sadie and Riley agree to try again and find lots more in common. A relationship is unfolding, and Sadie is thrilled. So is everyone else. But, a secret cooked up by Jess and Hailey turns into a disaster that threatens Sadie and Riley’s happiness. It takes some time and a lot of love to set it straight.

Jess and Hailey are adorable, so sweet and innocent, but confident in what they want. As always the Dare River characters pull at your heartstrings, with new babies joining the cousins, who welcome Jess and Hailey happily.

This a feel-good story that keeps you smiling even after you finished.


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Thanks for the review, Pat! This one does sound cute, and it's always great to revisit favorite characters in a beloved series!


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