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Pat's Review: Crossing Hope

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Crossing Hope by Kimberly Kincaid
Publisher: Kimberly Kincaid Romance (October 15, 2018)
Series: Cross Creek, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Marley Rallston would rather be anywhere other than too-small-for-a-map-dot Millhaven, Virginia. But thanks to a heap of debt, what was supposed to be a quick trip to fulfill her mother’s dying wish has turned into an extended stay with the family she never knew she had and the father who never wanted her. To top it off, now she’s being forced to do community service with the town’s biggest bad boy, when all she wants to do is make enough cash to get out of Dodge? Life can’t get much worse.

The only thing Greyson Whittaker cares about is his family’s farm. He’ll do anything to keep Whittaker Hollow in the black, including live up to his rough, tough reputation by running the place by himself, no matter the cost. Mandatory community service with the daughter of their biggest rival is the last thing he wants or needs. But the more time Greyson and Marley spend together, the hotter their attraction burns, and the more the unlikely pair begins to realize that forbidden fruit just might taste the sweetest… 

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Pat's Review:

Marley Rallston has found herself in Millhaven, at the home of her biological father and his three sons. She only found out about them when her Mom passed away recently and made her promise to find them. Now, trying to get out of the crushing debt caused by her mother’s medical treatments, she is reluctantly living with them and making plans to leave as quickly as she can get out from under her debt.

Greyson Whittaker, well known bad boy and the Cross brothers enemy, is working the family’s land, and in a constant battle with his dad. He loves this land and will do anything to keep it profitable and safe.

By a set of crazy circumstances Marley and Greyson end up having to do community service together at a local, rundown animal shelter. Two hundred hours and ninety days to complete. They immediately are like oil and water. Greyson sees her as a “woman who was as brash as she was bullheaded.” Marley is struck by his anger and arrogance, but there was a lot of attraction there too! A slow understanding of each other’s issues, each with a grudge against their father, brings them closer. Day by day, a slow attraction builds despite their families' warnings.

Marley finds herself enjoying Millhaven, maybe even with a tiny hope to stay, and Greyson very reluctantly gives up his heart. This latest in the Crossing Hope series tugs at your heart and heats up with plenty of sizzle. It can be read as a stand alone, but the first three books are great reads.


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