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Pat's Review: Still Savannah

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Still Savannah by Sandra Owens
Publisher: Sandra Owens (October 23rd, 2018)
Series: Blue Ridge Valley, 3
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Known simply as Savannah, a beautiful face on the covers of glamour magazines, Savannah Graham has the perfect life… or so it seems to the world. Behind closed doors her reality is far from perfect. When a person she should be able to trust threatens her, she returns home to Blue Ridge Valley, the only place she feels safe. The valley is also where he lives, her first and only love.

Adam Hunter stepped out of Savannah Graham’s life nine years ago so she could follow her dream. She was his first love, and there is still an ache in his heart for what he lost every time he sees her face on the cover of a magazine. Now she’s home, needing protection, and he can’t refuse. When the danger is over, she will return to her glamorous life. So she’s not the only thing he has to protect, he also needs to safeguard his heart.

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Pat's Review:

This is the third book in the series and I was excited to read Savannah’s intriguing story. Her best friends Autumn and Jenny have already found their HEA, and were very worried about Savannah and her glamorous model life.

There was nothing glamorous in Savannah’s life anymore. Constant traveling allowed only minimal food, with a manager/ lover, Jackson, who was picked by her “show biz” mom. When refusing to do a nude shot, Jackson became volatile and physical, threatening her with a knife. She was done, escaped with a small bag, the clothes on her back, and no idea where to go. She could only think of home, so she called her ex-boyfriend Adam for help. She worried that after their wrenching break up, he wouldn’t take her call. But Adam has never forgotten her. Next thing she knew she was on a flight to North Carolina and Adam was waiting there at the airport for her.

Adam was willing to help, but not give her a chance with his heart. She quickly started sneaking in though. Blue Ridge Valley rose up to protect her from Jackson, and she started realizing she liked her independence, especially with Adam around. After realizing their break up was arranged by her Mom, a door opened. But Savannah only knew modeling, her money was tied up in court because of Jackson, and she knew she had to go back to NC.

Blue Ridge Valley is a small town with so much heart. The characters are delightful, funny, and always willing to do anything to help. It was nice to connect with Autumn and Jenny again. This novel can be read as a stand alone, but book 1 and 2 are so enjoyable, I wouldn’t miss them if I were you!


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