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Pat's Review: Destroy Me

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Destroy Me by Ella Sheridan
Publisher: Ella Sheridan (November 29th, 2018)
Series: Southern Nights Enigma, 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Some mistakes don’t deserve forgiveness.

Lyse Sheppard planted the bomb that almost killed everyone close to her, including the man she loved. Now in hiding, she spends her days making amends the only way she knows how—using her genius computer skills to save women enslaved by the bastard who blackmailed her. And every night she punishes herself by watching the man she lost live his life without her.

Fionn “Irish” McCullough can’t let go of the rage Lyse ignited the night she betrayed his team. Betrayed him. After months of searching, he’s no closer to finding his prey—until a mysterious message points him toward Ireland and a deadly threat against the only family he has left.

Caught in the twisted web of his past, Fionn must choose between revenge and keeping his mother safe. But the one weapon he needs—and the one touch he craves—may be the woman he can never forgive. 

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Pat's Review:

Lyse Sheppard is a computer genius who was forced to do something that nearly broke her, and nearly killed the man she loves (along with his team members). Fionn McCullough has been obsessed with finding her since that terrible day. His anger is taking over his life. When a tiny clue might lead to finding her, he’s off to the land he was born and grew up in, Ireland. He won’t forgive her, he doesn’t want to hear her lies, he just wants to know why! But finally finding her, he finds his anger has changed, slowly but surely she is getting under his skin and into his heart.

Lyse has been watching them all in the eyes of her computer, and has befriended Fiona’s Mom in the process, although his mom doesn’t know the connection between them. A dark danger is facing them, and it takes all involved, including Fionn‘s team from the US and Lyse to find a way through it. Fionn finally realizes that Lyse is who he has been waiting for. He’s fallen in love and doesn’t want to leave her, but he must to keep her safe. Lyse has another plan.

Lots of action, an emotional roller coaster, and oh-so-sexy. The whole Enigma series will keep you on the edge of your seats, and fanning yourself from the heat! I highly recommend this emotional and exciting read.


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