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Pat;s Review: Bewitched

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Bewitched by Kelly Moran
Publisher: Smashwords (March 5, 2019)
Series: Fated, 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Kaida Galloway has dreamed about him all her life. Her mysterious stranger, a man who’s not real, yet knows everything about her—including the weird anomalies she’s dealt with since a teenager like her ability to manipulate water. When a letter arrives from a birth mother she’s never met, she jumps at the chance to get answers. Heading to Six Fates Island, she discovers she has two sisters who’ve, apparently, been waiting for her. They seem to think she’s a key to unlocking a centuries-old curse. Oh, and that she’s a witch. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, the man of her dreams is, in fact, flesh and blood. And their chemistry is creating some serious magic.

Destiny waits for no one...

Brady Meath’s childhood was steeped in island lore. One of his ancestors killed a Galloway during a witch trial, and for three-hundred years, the two households have been at odds. Legend states when three-by-three from each family are born, the spell that has riddled both lines with the inability to find and keep love can be broken—if they can join forces in performing fated tasks. Brady and his brothers never believed the myth. Until he comes face-to-face with the very woman who’s haunted him in sleep. And her powers. Now they’re in a race against the clock and fighting a brotherhood of hunters to fulfill their part or future generations are doomed. The first task belongs to Brady and Kaida, but Fate can only take them so far. Can love do the rest? 

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Pat's Review:

A modern day story of witches, curses, and family. It begins in 1718 at a witch burning, and follows the results of this terrible action through hundreds of years of history. Three sisters and triplet brothers have the opportunity to change their future, but it won’t be easy. The Meath’s and Galloway’s first have to accept their destinies.

Kaida Meath knew she was adopted, but nothing about her biological family. She is a history professor teaching Paganism and modern Wiccan practices.

She has had infrequent vivid dreams of a friendship through the years of a boy named Brady. He always made her feel settled. As she has grown into a young woman, an attraction begins and she wishes she could pursue it. A letter from her birth mother sends her to Massachusetts and Six Fates Island.

There she finds her two sisters, and the Galloway triplets, one being Brady. Her family history unfolds before her and she learns about her powers and the need for action.

Brady Galloway is the Town Historian, and knows the Meath/Galloway history well. He also remembers every dream with Kaida and their growing feelings. Seeing her standing in front of him nearly stops his heart. The “curse” that was placed on his family is still strong. Never have they ever found true love. It seems a lot of hocus pocus, until some strange forces seem to be gaining strength. Brady and his brothers, and Kaida and her sisters, are faced with danger and things that seem out of control.

Ms. Moran’s description of people, places, and things make the story even more fascinating. This contemporary romance/fantasy kept me reading long after my bed time. This first book in the series has me anxiously awaiting the next.


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