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Pat's Review: Her Deadly Secrets

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Her Deadly Secrets by Laura Griffin
Publisher: Gallery Books (July 2, 2019)
Series: Wolfe Security, 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense

A young private investigator finds out the price of keeping deadly secrets when a vicious killer sets his sights on her in this pulse-pounding thriller from the USA TODAY and New York Times bestselling author of the Tracers series.

Private investigator Kira Vance spends her days navigating the intricate labyrinth of Houston’s legal world, and she knows all of its shadowy players and dark secrets.

On a seemingly normal day, she’s delivering a report to her top client when suddenly everything goes sideways and the meeting ends in a bloodbath. Twenty-four hours later, the police have no suspects but one thing is clear: a killer has Kira in his sights.

Fiercely independent, Kira doesn’t expect—or want—help from anyone, least of all an unscrupulous lawyer and his elite security team. Instead, she launches her own investigation, hoping to uncover the answers that have eluded the police. But as Kira’s hunt for clues becomes more and more perilous, she realizes that she alone may hold the key to finding a vicious murderer. And she knows she must take help wherever she can find it if she wants to stay alive…

Written with Laura Griffin’s signature “gritty, imaginative, sexy” (Cindy Gerard, New York Times bestselling author) style, Her Deadly Secrets is an electrifying and scintillating novel that packs a powerful punch.

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Pat's Review:

As always Ms. Griffin writes a story that keeps you turning pages to find out what happens next. Fast paced and suspenseful with plenty of action and romance -- that's the promise when you read her books.

Kira Vance is a struggling PI who works for a fellow PI Oliver Kovack, helping to find info on cases he’s working. While meeting him to share her latest discoveries, she witnesses his death by a bullet at point blank range. He was working for a well known wealthy defense attorney, Brock Logan, who is also injured in the attack. He subsequently hires Kira, and then Wolfe Security to protect all the members of his team. Kira is not happy, doesn’t feel it’s necessary, and tries to slip by them as often as possible. Until it seems every step she takes in the investigation someone dies.

Jeremy Owen, former Marine is her lead protector. He refuses to let her try and dodge him, and professional as he is, her sassiness turns him on.  They both struggle with attraction and when there is a question the team might be called off the job, Jeremy plans to take personal time to keep Kira safe.

Not only is this book exciting to the last page, the characters are very interesting. Two very strong women, Detective Charlotte Spears and Kira stand out. I enjoyed reading this book; when the author is Laura Griffin I know it will be a great read.


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