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Sarah's Review: Work For It

Work for It by Talia Hibbert
Publisher: Nixon House (September 3, 2019)
Series: Just For Him, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Queer, M/M)
Dual 1st POV

Between men like us, trust doesn't come easy.

In this village, I’m an outcast: Griffin Everett, the scowling giant who prefers plants to people. Then I meet Keynes, a stranger from the city who’s everything I’m not: sharp-tongued, sophisticated, beautiful. Free. For a few precious moments in a dark alleyway, he’s also mine, hot and sweet under the stars… until he crushes me like dirt beneath his designer boot.

When the prettiest man I’ve ever hated shows up at my job the next day, I’m not sure if I want to strangle him or drag him into bed. Actually—I think I want both. But Keynes isn’t here for the likes of me: he makes that painfully clear. With everyone else at work, he’s all gorgeous, glittering charm—but when I get too close, he turns vicious.

And yet, I can’t stay away. Because there’s something about this ice king that sets me on fire, a secret vulnerability that makes my chest ache. I’ll do whatever it takes to sneak past his walls and see the real man again.

The last thing I expect is for that man to ruin me.

Work for It is 80,000 words of hot, angst-filled, M/M romance featuring a cynical city boy, a gruff, soft-hearted farmer, and a guaranteed happy-ever-after. No cheating, no cliff-hangers, just love. (Eventually.) This story is a spin-off set in the Just for Him world, taking place after the last book in that series. Please be aware: this book contains references to depression and anxiety that could trigger certain audiences.

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Sarah's Review:

Talia Hibbert’s latest release, Work For It, follows the character Olu Keynes whom we met in her Just for Him: The Complete Series. where he pops up as Theo’s best friend in Bad For Boss and Nik’s friend and fellow wedding guest in Sweet for the Greek.  We get to glimpse him more fully as he gets pulled into drama with his sister, Lizzie, and her beau, Issac, in Undone by the Ex-Con. We see Olu as a strong, determined big brother who, however clumsily, is trying to care for his baby sister even as his life is pulled into the spotlight and turned upside down.

When I finished the Just for Him series, I tweeted Hibbert asking if she was planning a book for Olu.  In her reply that it was coming soon, she said she never imagined the response he would get as a secondary character in her other books. I, for one, fretted over Olu, desperately wanting him to have an HEA.  Her strong writing and his compelling story makes him someone who stays with you.

I pre-ordered Work for It, bit wouldn’t you know it downloaded to my kindle on a busy week. I had it almost a week before I could even crack it open, but knowing it was there was worth it. I kept seeing great reviews on Twitter...and now I have FINALLY finished it!

The book was exactly what Olu (and me as a reader) needed! We find Olu at loose ends. His life is different than it was just a few months ago, he is frantically searching for a connection, and is not in a place where he can reach out to let his family and friends know how deeply depressed he is. Old Olu would have disappeared across the globe, but Lizzie is pregnant so he wants to stay in the country. He decides a country vacation is just the thing- some time working on a farm will keep his hands and his mind occupied.

Griff Everett prefers plants to people. He also lives in a town where he stands out and his family’s past is never far from people’s minds. Though he has successfully kept the town farm afloat, even making harvest time a boon and bringing in extra workers, he is not comfortably being part of his own hometown.

In Griff and Olu we find men grappling with depression, self-esteem issues, and loneliness. They seem to find their way into each other’s lives- one night a quick meet up in the pub and the next morning they realize they will both be too close for comfort working on the farm. Griff foreshadows their blossoming romance saying,

I’ll be a troll. I bet trolls get an unfair rep, anyway. I bet they’re proper decent blokes trying to make a living, but handsome, entitled princes keep turning up and causing trouble, and...I don’t want to, but I open the gate and let him in.

Olu and Griff are both Grumpy Softies who are broken and true. At first, they don’t like each other very much, but they turn out to be just what each other needs.

This book is 5 stars.  I’m not sure when I’ve fretted over a character as much as Olu but Hibbert gave him just the story he needed!


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