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[Blog Tour Review]: "Tiger Mine"

Tiger Mine by Angela Castle
Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press (April 20, 2012)
Genre: Paranormal  Romance
Licking her wounds after ending a six-year marriage to a serial cheating husband, Julia has run away to her grandfather's house high in the Australian Mountains, hoping to fix the old neglected building up while she contemplates her future, only to discover a huge white Siberian tiger on her door step.

Tiger shifter Mohan has escaped, jumped ship and is in hiding from the hunter who has ripped him from his world and murdered those he loved, when a curvy Aussie woman turns up at the old house he’s managed to shelter in these past weeks. He offers his services as a builder by day, returning to her by night as a tiger. Despite the strong attraction he has trouble fighting, what he discovers in Julia is a new kind of warmth and kindness he is in desperate need of.

Julia knows her gorgeous Russian handyman is harboring dark secrets, but can her heart stand falling in love and losing again?

Can they help each other mend the deeper issues which plague their lives? And bring hope of a new future. Or will Mohan’s past hunt him down and tear the new fragile bond between them?

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My Review:
I can remember the last book that I stayed up all night to read. And the reason I can remember that is not only because, obviously, it was an amazing book that I loved, but mainly because it was years ago. Yep, years. Harry Potter 7 was the last book that upon starting it that night/morning (I was at the midnight release party for it), I could not sleep and let the book wait until daylight. I didn't quiet make it all the way through before I had to, unwillingly, put it aside for a few moments of shut eye, but I was at least half way through it, and I finished it within a few hours after waking up. :)

Why am I tell you this? Because last week was the first time since HP that I stayed up till all hours of the morning reading a book—and while it is nothing like Harry, it is similar in that I loved it as well!

Although it may sound a bit cliché, I promise you it isn't—Tiger Mine kept me turning the pages, barely stopping to pause until I reached the very end!

I read a lot of shifter books—I love a good alpha hero any day, but one that can change into a wolf or big cat always has me panting for more! And yet despite all the books I've read from this genre, it is books like Tiger Mine that keep me coming back. Fresh, captivating and sexy, Tiger Mine is one of the best shifter novels I've read in a while, and one that I will be rereading again and again!

I have to say first off that I loved Mohan. And I won't lie—it all started with his gorgeous (and totally lick-able...) “tattoos”, which are really more like birthmarks all over in the shape and color of his tiger stripes. The way they twist and curve around his rock hard, the visual alone had me drooling all over my NOOK! I think if I ever saw a picture to match (or, you know, Mohan himself, which would be preferable!), I would totally explode on the spot. Literally. :)

Watching him slowly start to open up to Julia only made me love him even more. And his sexual prowess? Yeah, it helped as well. Big time. :D Magical tongue and stamina to die for—what's not to love? And I won't even get into the one scene with the ice cube... *shudders* Oh my!

I think the part that really made me fall for Mohan completely was when he was sleeping by Julia's bedside when she was in the hospital for a few days towards the end of the book. His love and devotion to her was evident, and very heartfelt. Not to mention the fact that the way Julia described seeing her sexy shifter sleeping made me smile and sigh and pant, all at once. :D Watching your man sleep can be just as sexy as watching him do..other things. And this scene proved that point!

Julia was also a great character, and I enjoyed reading about her. If anyone deserved a HEA after putting up with such a jerky husband for so many years (not to mention a mother that, though she appears for only a few scenes, annoyed the crap out of me), it's Julia! She has her own past to worry about, and so does Mohan, a true tortured hero. His village and family murdered before his very eyes, and he was the only one who survived—luck, some would say, but not him. He blames himself, and wants to get his revenge on the man who hunted his family down.

Both of them will have to work things out as they go, learning about each other as their relationship grows. But they're relationship is based on some very stable and deep emotions, and I loved that they truly did fall not only in heavy lust with each other, but love as well! 

^Favorite Quote/Passage:
She had proven to him he was not as numb and cold as he had believed. Julia was a bright flame chasing away his darkness and cold.

He did not understand it, but for once, he did not want to understand, only to touch and to feel. She strengthened his heart, giving him a new hope.
They both had deep inner wounds and, perhaps, it was fate they had found each other. He did not know about himself, but he would try and help heal this fragile woman's wounds the best he could, just as she was starting to heal his. 

5 STARS! Filled with enough sexy scenes to possibly set your e-reader on fire, Tiger Mine kept me up later than any book has in a long, long time, and I think that alone says a lot about the pure talent and passion with which Angela Castle writes! This was my first time reading her work, but it will not be my last by any means, regardless of the genre! As if the fact that she can write a hunky hero and strong heroine wasn't enough, I loved her writing style, which was very smooth and the story flowed nicely. I highly recommend this sexy shifter tale to any fan of the genre, and for those who are unsure about a shapeshifter hero, well I think Mohan can help you to overcome that very easily! :) Just be sure that once you pick this one up you also grab some ice for yourself, and get comfortable because you will not want to leave this book until Mohan and Julia have their HEA!

^Quote belongs solely to the author. I do not claim it in anyway.

I received this e-book when joining the blog tour for this author. In exchange, I agreed to give my honest opinion on the novel.

Don't forget--Angela will be by with a guest post on Monday, April 7th!


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JoLee @ Wickedly Delicious Book Blog said...

Good morning sweetie. Babe you are killing me...with the "ice Cube"...oh my I want to read about that. Great review I think I will be bumping this up on TBR pile. I love a good Alpha hero that can shift. Awe..sigh..on the quotes.

The_Book_Queen said...

:) Oh, believe me, the scene is scorching hot! Most of this book is, really, loved it! Hope you read this one soon, it's worth it, I promise! :)


Jeracalea said...

I love a shifter series with cats - I actually own two of them - maybe you've read them? An adult series starts with "Stray" by Rachel Vincent. There are 6 books in the series and they are all completed!

The other series is a Young Adult series. First book is "Tiger's Curse" by Colleen Houck - I absolutely love this series, although the last two books aren't out yet.

If you haven't read them, I would definitely recommend them to you since you like shifting stories!

The_Book_Queen said...

:) I haven't read Vincent's series, but it is on my list! I really want to read them, I've heard a lot of great things about them.

I've got the first three books for Houck's series, but I haven't had time yet to read them--though my two friends have (loved them) and have been pushing me to read them ever since. I'm anxious to start them, I just need to get a few more review books out of the way first. *sigh* :)

Thanks for recommend them--more recs mean I push them up the old TBR pile further!