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[Kame's Review]: "Everything You Need to Know"

Everything You Need to Know by HelenKay Dimon
Publisher: Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin (October 15, 2013) 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

From the award winning author of romance and romantic suspense, HelenKay Dimon comes a sizzling new story from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.

Welcome to Need to Know—Because a Woman Can’t Be Too Informed
Dating in D.C. is like navigating an apocalyptic wasteland populated by men in expensive suits with zero mating potential. Need to Know provides all the information a savvy single woman like you needs to avoid dating disasters.
By night, Jordan McAdam is the proprietor of a popular website that rates D.C.’s hottest bachelors—everything from how quick they are email you back to their skills in the sack. She’s been burned once too often to accept any man at face value. By day, her job as an office temp puts her in the perfect position to do a little fact checking on her rich and powerful subjects. When her latest assignment brings her face to face with the sexy but mysterious Forest Redder, Jordan decides to do a little “hands on” research of her own. To Jordan, he seems like the perfect man – but she knows there is no such thing. Moreover, there’s a big problem: Forest knows Jordan’s the woman behind the scandalous site—and Jordan knows he knows. Will he expose her secret—or find his own posted on Need to Know?

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Kame's Review:

Jordan McAdam does not want to rely on a man for her happiness or to keep a roof over her head; she is determined not to end up a mirror image of her mother.  When she loses her job shortly after buying her condo Jordan does not hesitate to find a way to be in control of her destiny; she created Need to Know a website that helps DC women share information about men they have been dating.  Sometimes she uses a temporary job as a cover to learn more about the bachelors her members crave information on. It is during one of these assignments Jordan meets Forest Redder is one of DC’s more eligible bachelors. Forest becomes enamored with Jordan and will stop at nothing to see her again. There is a mutual attraction, Jordan assumes her heart is safe because Forest has the reputation of shying away from commitment and Forest realizes Jordan is like no other woman Forest has ever been with; but he knows she is hiding something and he is determined to figure out what.

“That outfit is all about anticipation. A guy sees it and hopes he’ll be treated to more.”

Jordan is a strong character, I liked that she had great business sense. Some readers may have a problem with her constant fear of becoming someone like her mother, but to me it is what made her strive to be self-sufficient.  Forest is a determined businessman; he has worked hard for everything he has. His obsession with Jordan surprises him and his best friend.  Some of the best dialog in this novella was between Jordan and Forest and their best friends. 

Wen made a tsk-tsking sound as he rounded his desk. “Well, you made it past noon, but – “

“Do not finish that sentence or you’re fired.”

Wen dropped into his chair with exaggerated sign. “A reasonable response. Not overblown at all.”

Wen and Elle are great friends to Forest and Jordan; they offer some great opportunities to see what the characters are thinking and shine a hint at their past. A good amount of background was given on each of them and I am intrigued if we will see novellas or a full length book for either one of them. If I see a blurb with either one as the main character I will preorder right away.
The plot of this novella was not complicated, but heartwarming. No real surprises and I felt it all wrapped up to a satisfying ending.  There were some steamy scenes but they were not the main focus. I did not know what to expect as this was my first Cosmo read, however HelenKay Dimon is an author who has never disappointed me so I was eager to give this new title a try. 

    4 1/2 STARS!

Kame received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! :) I'll have to add this one to my list, as well as this author, I've heard some great things about her previous books! 

Have you read HelenKay Dimon before? Do you have a favorite? Have you read any of the new Cosmo Red Hot Reads? Do you like this imprint or not?


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