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[Kame's Review]: "Only Forever"

Only Forever by Cristin Harber
Publisher: Mill Creek Press (May 16, 2015)
Series: Only, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The fourth and final installment of the Only series. Must be read in order. 

There comes a time when Emma must face the secret she's kept from Grayson. But she never thought it would be while she stood on stage at Emerald’s. The seconds she has to convey that her life is in danger are lost in the devastation that she sees rip through him. 

She pinches her eyes closed. “Don’t leave me. No matter how mad you are, please, please don’t leave me here alone.” 

But there’s more on the line than just Emma’s safety. There’s the danger that brought Titan’s Delta team into the strip club in the first place. A threat that’s too close to home, too close to family Grayson plans to claim. 

I push away the sudden spring of fear. Life’s too unknown, with hidden enemies and unseen terrors. The idea that I could lose her again… it’s unbearable. 

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Kame's Review:

Grayson and Emma are finding their way to forever when Grayson discovers a secret Emma has kept from most of the people she loves.

I had anxiety about this installment in the series. The ending of the third installment made me concerned for Gray and Emma's HEA. This installment is satisfying and a wonderful ending to this four novella series and a great little glimpse at some of the characters we will see in future Cristin Harber books.

A fantastic ending - and if you haven't started this novella series - I highly encourage you to get all four and just read them one after another - which I might do soon as a reread.


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Kame received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Kame! 

Don't forget to start this series from the beginning, so you're not lost! 

Have you read Cristin Harber before?


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Sounds like its for all the marbles with this one. You have me intrigued to start these, Pat!