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[Pat's Review]: "Catch My Fall"

Catch My Fall by Jessica Scott
Publisher: Jessica Scott (September 18, 2017)
Series: Falling, 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Former Army Sergeant Deacon Hunter is trapped. Trapped in the friend zone. The woman who captured his heart when they were deployed in Iraq has never looked back at the time they stole.

Former Army Sergeant Kelsey Ryder has scars, the kind of scars that no one ever sees, no one ever knows about unless she tells them. Working around the guys at the Pint, she’s reminded of everything she lost when she left the Army behind.

But some scars refuse to stay hidden.

One fateful night changes everything and neither of them know if their relationship will ever be the same.

All Deacon knows is that he’ll be there to catch her when she finally falls.

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Pat's Review:

I have read every one of the Falling novels, and have been anxiously awaiting Deacon and Kelsey's story. It was worth the wait.

This book is not an easy read. The emotions are deep, the pain real, and the story opens up your heart to the difficulties of veterans and what they face when they come home. That being said, I couldn't put it down.

Deacon and Kelsey were lovers while they were deployed. They both knew it would end, but their need for each other pushed those thoughts away. But inevitably Deacon was redeployed and they separated. Kelsey turned to alcohol and prescription meds that led her down a dark path. Deacon drank too much, still does, but feels he's making progress after starting at the local university. Kelsey ends up at The Pint, where Deacon is working, and gets a job as a bartender. The Pint is a bar started by Eli:

"He's somehow managed to become the center of gravity for the small veterans community here in a hipster college town."

Kelsey is a great bartender, is going to the university, but has good days and very bad days. She tries to ignore Deacon and he is patiently waiting for her to come to him. He's sorry for his part in her decline, but she is still keeping secrets he doesn't understand. He realizes she still has his heart, and he wants hers. But a breakthrough must happen.

These stories are emotional roller coasters. The characters are honest, proud to have served, but need so much when they return home, not just medically. As portrayed in the novel, the VA just can't keep up with the ravages of war for the vets. Places like The Pint are safe havens for the men and women who miss their careers, but are also glad to be home.

Scott is an Iraqi war veteran, active duty officer, wife, and mother. She writes her stories from her heart and experiences, and it shows; I've read every one, and will continue to do so.


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Pat bought this book.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I need to catch up on this series. I so adore Scotts romances, but you know how it is: that TBR mountain gets out of control and suddenly you're so behind!

Remember, since this is a Royal Pick, come back on October 26th for a chance to WIN an ecopy of your own!


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