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[Pat's Review]: "Need You Tonight"

Need You Tonight by Marquita Valentine
Publisher: Valentine Publishing, LLC (October 18, 2014)
Series: Boys of the South, 6
Genre: New Adult Contemporary

Take a trip down south and discover just how hot those sultry, southern nights can get with the Boys of the South series by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Marquita Valentine. 

In small towns, dirty little secrets don’t remain secret for long… 

Everyone loves Parker Morgan, especially the high society ladies who pay thousands for his time. Becoming a male escort hadn’t been something Parker wanted to do, but when his family needed money to survive, he compromised everything he believed in to make ends meet. But there are two things he refuses to do—one, be paid for sex. Two, let himself fall for his beautiful new neighbor. She’s too pure and sweet for him. And that sadness in her eyes… he doesn’t want to know the cause of it. He has too many problems of his own. 

A war widow at only twenty-two, Brooklyn Reeves has lived a shadowed existence for two years. Desperate to start over, she moves to Forrestville, never dreaming her new neighbor would be so sexy—not that she wants a relationship of any kind with him. Besides, he’s completely hostile and rude anytime they run into one another. Unfortunately, he’s also her handyman, and she’s forced to repeatedly call on him when one thing after another goes wrong with her rental house. 

But as spring turns to summer, Brooklyn begins to sees a new side to Parker—one that makes her reconsider her opinion of him. Sparks fly, igniting a hunger that neither of them can resist. 

But are either of them prepared for the consequences, once Parker’s dirty little secret comes to light? 

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Pat's Review:

The first chapter in this story brought me to tears. Brooklyn Reeves is a twenty two year old widow, her husband of two years killed in Afghanistan.  He was her life, how could she live it now?  With the help of a close friend, also a widow, she survives and realizes she need to leave all the memories surrounding her in the home she shared with Braden. She is heading  to the little town of Forrestville.  Braden is still with her, all around her and in her heart.  But she knows he would want her to live her life, so she's going to try.

Parker Morgan has just quit a job that has brought him a lot of money, but turned his stomach and made him ashamed.   While he's figuring out what to do next, he has agreed to be "handyman" for a home nearby as a favor to his brother Cole. He's told the renter is a widow. Picturing a white haired older woman, he is shocked at the appearance of this very young, beautiful woman who gets out of her SUV.  Their meeting is not cordial,  Parker opens his mouth and inserts his very big foot. Brooklyn fires back.....this relationship is going to be interesting!

The story of Cole and Brooklyn is heartwarming. Cole is hiding secrets and wants to leave town to escape them, and Brooklyn is trying to begin a new life and find a balance of loving Braden in her past and opening her heart for something new.

Ms. Valentine, as in all her novels, has a story that grabs you and won't let go until the last page. Her characters are real, have their faults, but feel like friends.  I've long been an admirer of Ms. Valentine's work, I love her voice and writing style. Need You Tonight is another example of her very entertaining. Boys Of Summer Series.


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Pat received an e-ARC of this book from the author in exchange for her honest opinion.

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Thanks for the review, Pat! I can't wait to read Parker's story; I so love this series, and all of Marquita's books, really. It's waiting on my Kindle! :)

Have you read Marquita Valentine yet? Do you have a favorite book of hers?


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